This week we investigated the ‘ar’ sound through lots of different activities. The favourite was a snakes and ladders game. I love coming up with different activities to help them stay engaged and interested in their learning 🙂 . We also sang an ‘ar’ song, ‘A-R arrr, A-R arrr’ like a pirate which they heartily got into.

Our shared story was ‘In a Dark, Dark Wood’ and they enjoyed reading this simple, repetitive text. Different levels of reading activities help them to engage with the text and learn reading skills in different ways. This week they created and ‘innovation’ - using the main features of this text, and changing others, they each created a new story. So we had ‘In a dark, dark ocean’, '‘In a dark, dark classroom’ and other creative ideas!

Lifelink Day added a bit of excitement to the week. The students enjoyed making the funny face biscuits in class, then buying them at recess with their gold-coin donations. Thanks to everyone who donated to this great cause!

Our biggest task this week has been analysing and organising the information the students collected from their grandparents and putting them into a presentation. This is a massive task! First we reviewed the notes I had taken from the interview with my dad. Then, we worked in small groups to organise the information under different headings. The next step was for the students to read the notes they had taken from their individual interviews, and write the information under different headings, such as ‘birth’, ‘school’, ‘home life’ and ‘technology’.

Once this was complete, and checked to make sure all the information had been transferred, the students could start entering the information into a Sway using the iPads. This being their first time has been quite challenging and time-consuming! Once the text has been added, we discussed using images to support the text and to engage the reader. The students are having a go at adding their images and choosing the design of their Sways independently, which is great. Some of our early-finishers have also been helping the others with their work. I think the Grandparents will enjoy seeing these presentations when they come in during week 9.

In Maths we have done more work on time. This can be quite a difficult topic, so I felt it needed a bit more… well, time!

During art the students had a go at creating a subtractive print of an autumn leaf. They referred to their sketches from last week and used craft-sticks or their fingers to create the leaf shape and features in black paint they had rolled onto the table. Placing paper over the paint, a one-off original print is taken.

During news time this week the students had their news recorded with a video. They then watched themselves presenting their news and completed a self-evaluation, thinking about the way they stood, spoke and looked at the audience. Reflecting on what you did, and how you can do it better, is a great way to learn and improve.

In Religion we have finished our unit on Friendships. To prepare for our family supported mass on Saturday, the students met with the Year 2 class and together drew pictures of people who are part of our bigger family under God.

I look forward to seeing you at Mass on Saturday evening.
Michelle 🙂