All about the Commonwealth Games

It has been a short but productive week. We have been learning about the Commonwealth Games through our shared information text. We read how only some countries can compete in these ‘friendly games’, and that they are being held in Queensland this year. We also read that place getters receive medals - gold, silver and bronze. In Art, after investigating the design of the current Commonwealth Games medals, we imagined what a medal from a Perth Commonwealth Games might look like. The students drew a design using their knowledge of the place they live in to incorporate different elements; landmarks, natural features and animals. They then sewed a gold medal with a ribbon - and drew their design on the front. Next week we will reflect on some of the things the students have achieved or accomplished this term and write it down to put inside the medals.

We also discussed the different events at the Games, and the people from Australia that are competing and representing our country. We wrote letters of support to different competitors. Boxers, netball players, swimmers and weightlifters were on the list! We will send these letters off and hope that the athletes are encouraged by our words!

We have also been discussing verbs. These are ‘doing’ or ‘action’ words. The Commonwealth games is a great topic to use for this concept, with people swimming, running, jumping, shooting, riding and lots of other verbs!

This week in Maths we have been practising the addition skill of counting on. To count on, we have to first identify the larger of the two numbers we have, putting that number ‘in your head’, then counting on from that number to get a final number. So if we had 14 children, then 3 more arrived, we would put 14 in our heads, then count on three - 15, 16, 17- to find out how many all together. We have done lots of different activities to reinforce this skill, including a domino activity, a number line jumping activity and a bingo game.

This week being so short we didn’t learn a new sound, but took the opportunity to review the sh, th and ch sounds. The students had fun playing a connect 4 game with these sounds, typing ch th and sh words on the iPad,and making them out of play dough.

In Religion we have been learning about Learning! We have discussed how we have an amazing ability to learn, that we can learn different things, and that there are lots of people who can help us learn.

Next week we will be learning the sound ‘ng’. Feel free to bring any items that have this sound in next week to share with the class.