An exciting week!

Week Five has been both busy and exciting. We had a whole school mass, a sports carnival AND an excursion!

In between special events this week, we read ‘Cinderella’. One of the activities was a puppet show which allowed the students to retell the story, sequencing events and using language specific to the text type such as ‘once upon a tine’ and 'happily ever after’, classic fairy tale language!

Cinderella tied in with our ‘er’ sound of the week. Being a short week we didn’t have as much time to complete the usual range of activities we do. This is the last sound in Letters and Sounds Phase 3, so we will be moving onto the next phase next week.

Our dramatic play corner has now become a castle. Thanks to Mrs Hogan for lending us the very cool chair and cushions. I have seen some great role-play and language being created and experimented with in the corner so far.

On Tuesday we had our excursion to Lake Gwelup. We were blessed with fine weather and everyone was so engaged in the different activities we had during the day, especially the planting! It was such a positive experience for the students and I’m thrilled it came together so well. They really learned so much and I loved seeing them soak up knowledge from the different people who helped us on the day, including representatives from the City of Stirling and the Friends of lake Gwelup. Thanks to Mr Willesee, Mrs Brennan, Mrs Pina Moran, Mrs Ceic and Mr Doyle for helping us on the excursion. Please click on the link below to see our Sway about the excursion. It would be great to read this with your child and share their fantastic day.

On Tuesday 14 August the Year 1 and 2 classes went to Lake Gwelup. When we got to the lake we met Jo who is a conservation officer with the City of Stirling. She told us how the City of Sti…

The students enjoyed writing thank-you cards to everyone who helped. We have also started making a wetland on the back window of our classroom, with different animals we saw or learned about in their different habitats (in the water, on the water and on the land). So far we have Pygmy perch, a Swamp hen, a Long-necked turtle, a Tawny frogmouth, a Black duck and a Tiger snake!

On Friday the students had their school sports carnival. There were a few showers but overall it was a fine and exciting day. Well done to the Year Ones who all did their best!

I hope everyone has some ideas for the book week dress up parade on Monday. On Friday we are hoping to learn a little bit about writing books from an author, Rina A Foti. Then in Week 7 we will begin writing our own stories. You can read a bit about her at You may even have one of her books at home! (we have read one in class 🙂 )

I look forward to another great week next week and wish you a happy weekend.
Michelle 🙂