Book Week

Book Week has come and gone for another year (is that a sigh of relief I hear, parents?!). The book week parade was great and we had lots of interesting characters walking into the classroom Monday morning.

This week we have been learning all about the ‘ay’ sound. The students listened to some words with the ay sound to identify where the sound was in the word. They had to jump into a beginning, middle or end square to show where they heard the sound. After the activity we discussed where the sound usually was and discovered that this ‘ay’ (unlike our other similar ‘ai’ sound) is usually at the end of words or sometimes in the middle. We also played a great soccer themed board game practising blends such as cr, scr and str.

We read ‘ The Day the Crayons Quit’ during shared reading. This is a great narrative with lots of interesting characters and opportunities for literacy activities. We asked and answered lots of questions about the text and wrote a letter back to the crayons. In guided reading we investigated how verbs change if the text is about the past, present or future.

In writing, the students have started investigating narratives. They learned that narratives, just like other texts, have different parts. Narratives have a title, an introduction, a complication and a resolution. They did a great job identifying the complications in stories that we have read in class, as well as how the problem was resolved. They even had a try at writing a new resolution and new ending to the narrative we are studying in class, ’The Duck with a Broken Wing'.

We were so excited to have author Rina A Foti come to visit our class. She read her story called 'The Bravest Penguin Of All'. This is one we have read in class so it was an amazing opportunity to hear a favourite story read by the person who wrote it. The students were all so engaged. This was one of her first books. She said it got rejected bu publishers 13 times! Her message was if you really want to do something you have to keep trying. Rina had so much to share about writing stories.

Her secret to writing is she, thinks of cooking up a story. When you cook you need ingredients, and to cook up a good story you need the following ingredients:
  • Setting
  • A main character
  • A problem
  • Solution
I am sure the students will remember these secret ingredients when they start to write their own narratives soon.

In Maths, we have been investigating subtraction. It's important in Maths to start at the beginning so we practised making stories with real objects, telling and writing number stories before moving into more complex subtraction activities including different levels of games in the iPads.

In Religion, we have been working on our Unit called ‘Loving others’. We mimed some things we can do with our bodies to help others.

In Geography, the students thought about a way they could share their knowledge of caring for special places with others to help care for them too. The students could make a poster, write a letter, create a song or any other activity suiting their own personal learning styles. These types of activities form an important part of inquiry-based learning, synthesising their new knowledge and so deepening their own learning.
In Health we learned about big emotions and ways to deal with them, such as walking away, taking deep breaths, listening to music and going outside or for a walk.

Congratulations to our merit award recipients Jaden, Alyssa, Luke and Jack.
Have a fantastic weekend!