This week we have been preparing for Easter by discussing the Easter story, having an Easter hat parade and doing some Easter craft.

Our sound of the week was ‘th’. It’s actually two sounds, one is ‘th’ as in thumb - and another ‘th’ as in with. Please practice these sounds at home with the tongue just under the top teeth instead of the bottom lip coming up and making a ‘f’ sound. Our shared text was The Three Little Pigs, a good title to practice our different ‘th’ sounds.

Well done to the parents, carers and students for the amazing easter hats that were created. Mrs Glumac had a very tough time choosing the winning hat with so many fantastic designs. Jacob Hogan was the official Year One winner in the end but I think they were all winners!

In Maths we have been counting in different ways, including counting by twos and fives. We used plastic eggs filled with counters and rolled dice to fill a basket with pom-poms. We had variety of hands-on activities to help us learn to count collections in different ways.

In Geography we did more work on our special places, and have finished the Sway!
You can read the students' work by clicking on the link below:

The City of Stirling is in Perth, Western Australia.

We discussed how special places can be cared for by different people and recorded some ways we can look after different places. We also had a great opportunity to FaceTime a Year one class in Katanning. We wrote then asked different questions about the place they live in to get information about the features of their place and the activities people do there. Asking other people is a great way to gather information. Later we will compare the features of this more rural town with the features of our urban place and see which features are the same or different.

Here’s what we learned from our FaceTime chat:
Sam: There are cars in Katanning but not as many as there are in Perth. They don’t have cinemas.
Daniel: If you want to to the movies you have to drive over an hour to Albany or to Perth and there are 2 parks.
Nella: They have mini hotels and not many cars.
Oliver: There was a mill which is now a hotel and there are parks.
Paul: There are no traffic lights in Katanning and there is one pet store.
Luke: They have smalls hotels called motels and they have parks
Alyssia: There are cars but no cinemas, there are 4000 people in Katanning.
Jacob B: There is one shopping centre and three parks.
Noah: They have one shopping centre and one hotel.
Logan: There is only one shopping centre, no cinemas.
Namatjira: They have cars but no cinemas.
Zac: They don’t have any pet shops except for one. You can see trees and farms.
Elizabeth: They have fish and snakes in the pet shop, and a hotel.
Jacob H: I learned that there are some homes and there’s a giant slide that even adults can go on!
Jaden: They have one shopping centre and no cinemas.
Jake: There are stop signs but no traffic lights.
And I learned that in Katanning they grow oats for our porridge and wheat for our bread!

In Health we have found out that some language is called ‘blaming language’. When we say things like ‘You made me late’ or ‘He made me do it’ we are not taking responsibility for our own actions. We discussed how the language can be changed so the we have control of the situation and then practised using non-blaming language. These skills are important for healthy relationship building.

In Art we looked at basket making, a very old craft. We discussed how a long time ago here in Perth, Nyoongar women used to make baskets from plants to carry things. We then used paper to weave an Easter basket to take home. I put a couple of chocolate easter eggs and a little yellow chick in there to say ‘Happy easter’!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Easter.