Excursion, incursion

What a great week we have had in Year One! So much learning and some memorable experiences engaging with the community to boot.

On Monday we had our excursion to Woolworths and Bunnings in Innaloo. We set off in a big walking train with the Year Twos and Pre Primaries, along with lots of parent helpers to keep us safe on the streets! We had a short break at a park before heading off to either Bunnings or Woolworths. At Bunnings, Holly and John showed us the different things Bunnings uses to save water, landfill and energy. We then planted some healthy plants to take back to school. At Woolworths a huge team of staff showed us an amazing behind the scenes tour of the shop and discussed healthy foods and how Woolworths makes sure the food we get is fresh and healthy. We went into fridges and freezers - very cold! - into the bakery to roll some dough, down to the loading dock and some even saw the butcher and his knives! The tour ended with a cup of different fruits to try. We then walked back to the park for lunch and a play before heading wearily (well, I was exhausted!) back to school. It was a great learning experience and a wonderful day. Thanks to Mrs Hogan, Mrs Dickinson, Mr Willesee, Mrs Wright and Jacob Barfott’s Grandad for coming along and helping keep everyone safe.

Our other exciting event was meeting with Samantha Jolly from Chanel Seven. Samantha is a weather reporter and very kindly came in to help the students learn about weather and weather reporting. She was very well prepared and brought in lots of photos to show the students. We saw the robot cameras, different types of weather, and the green screen! The students will be preparing and giving their own weather report and we will try to film it using a green screen app.
After her visit, the students each wrote thank-you letters. They were all so keen to write, it was great to see. I emailed them to Samantha, who loved reading them.

We are also in the process of making thank you cards for everyone who helped us learn on Monday. In art the students sketched either a bowl of fruit or a pot that we planted at Bunnings. We noted how even though we were drawing the same thing, the angle we are looking at it from changes how it looks. So everyone’s drawing was different! The students then went around the picture with a black marker before colouring the drawing with soft (chalk) pastels. These are a special type of pastel, allowing the artist to shade areas and blend colours with their fingers. Once again this very artistic class produced some amazing artworks.

This week in Geography the students finished their globes by labelling the northern and southern hemispheres, the equator and Perth.
In the travel agency there have been more fantastic conversations and role play about tropical places and family holidays.
Our sound of the week was a tricky one - ph. We read ‘The rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister in shared reading and the students have done some comprehension questions and sequencing activities. We also did guided reading and the students learned about adding ‘ed' to verbs to make the past tense, and also about homophones - words that sound the same but are spelled differently (such as son and sun, hare and hair).

In maths the students did some more mapping, as well as graphing. They looked at a map of the walk we took on Monday and had a try at giving directions using words like ‘straight ahead’, 'left’, 'turn’, and ‘right’, talking about the places we went to.

After such a busy week, I’m sure the kids are glad it’s now the weekend and they can have a relaxing weekend enjoying the sunny weather with their families.

See you next week!