Fantastic Week Five!

We’ve had a couple of exciting events this week in Year One.
It was wonderful to have Samantha Jolly from Channel 7 news come into our classroom on Wednesday to help us learn about the weather and weather reporting. Samantha told us lots about the different charts she has to read, green screens, how she finds the information she has to present, about troughs and pressure systems, what she studied to become a reporter (journalist), and how long it takes her to get ready to present the weather on television (one and a half hours!)

It was great for the children to hear from someone in the industry, and a good opportunity for them to ask her questions. Including of course ‘How old are you?’ which she answered just as professionally as all the other questions! She gave them some tips for presenting weather information. She came in to see us even though her toddler wasn’t well at home – so she wasn’t working that day. We were all very grateful for her time and the students wrote fantastic letters.
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In Geography we watched some videos to help us understand why there are seasons. Did you know it’s because the Earth is tilted on an angle as it spins around the sun on its axis? This is why the northern and southern hemispheres have opposite seasons; because at different times of the year they are tilted closer to, or further from the sun’s light and warmth. We each make a world map showing the northern and southern hemispheres, the equator and the place we live. We also marked Hong Kong on the map, because next week we are planning to Face time a class in Hong Kong to ask them about their weather and seasons.
Instead of guided reading in our literacy sessions this week we did a story map activity with our book ‘Possum Magic’. The students retraced the path of the two characters in the story as they went around Australia visiting the capital cities, using a large map. Everyone was excited to taste a Mintee in Melbourne, just like in the story!
On Friday we had our healthy lunch. There was quite a lot of preparation involved and we were super lucky to have Mrs O (Hudson’s mum) and Mrs T (Alexia’s mum) offer to help. They were kept very busy helping the students to peel, chop, slice and wash the foods. The final result was a colourful, healthy and enjoyable meal. It was rewarding for me to hear ‘I feel healthy!’, ‘this is yummy’ and ‘I want to make this at home!’ as the children ate the lunch they had researched, planned and prepared themselves. We chatted about how they could help make their lunch now, and it would be great if you could encourage them to help make lunch once a week and put their knowledge to good use.

We have finished our religion unit this week, drawing ourselves working to show care for ourselves, others and creation. Next week we will move on to our ‘Prepare’ unit, getting ready for Advent and Christmas.
In Maths we have been investigating ten! This involved practicing different ways to make ten (using objects, cards, numbers and ten frames), and different strategies to use when adding ten to a number. We also had a maths focussed STEM challenge on Friday working out ‘which weighs more’ with scales and a variety of classroom objects.

Here are some things we learned this week…
Kieran – adding ten is just add one to the tens number
Jacob – the earth is tilted
Jake – seasons change because the earth goes around
Clara – all about weather and why seasons change
Chloe – when you add to ten, you have the number that makes ten and you just add some more on
Kacey – I learned about Samantha Jolly
Charlotte – because the equator in near Australia, Australia is hot
Charlie – Seven news presenters have to wear heavy make-up because the light is very bright
Alexia – the Earth gets to the top in 24 hours (spin on its axis)
Zoey – there’s a line through the Earth
Henrique - Channel 7 people give you presents
Noah – why there are different seasons
Hudson – how the seasons change
Jessica – the world is tilted on its side
Lilly – the earth has an imaginary pole through it (axis)
Nick – seasons change because the Earth is on a tilt
Alice – If you have ten, and you add on two more you can make a number – the first digit changes but the second one stays the same
Kate – some countries have different seasons
Zara – the Earth is tilted on its side because it was hit by an asteroid
Caleb – the earth is tilted
Claire –the earth is tilted on its side
Anton – it never snows in Perth (because it is too close to the equator)
Lisa – the Earth is tilted
Have a great weekend!