Father's Day, a talent show and an Art Competition

The Year Ones have been busy this week completing some special activities in preparation for Father's Day, the talent show and also for the Royal Show Art Competition.

But first things first! Our shared reading text this week was a special kind of narrative - a fable - called ‘The Lion and The Mouse’. The text was a great way to learn some interesting ‘sparkle’ words we might not find in more modern texts, like ‘timid’, ‘haste’ and ‘great’ (meaning ‘big’). One of the Literacy rotations was to create a story on the iPads using an app called ‘Puppet Pal’. Some interesting stories were created!

The students also played bingo games, using different levels of language from the text.

Our sound of the week was ‘ou’ as in ‘mouse’. We played a matching game that included some ‘fake' words. The students had to read the words carefully to make sure they weren’t just matching letters, but actually reading and understanding the words they saw. They also played dominoes with words containing the target sound, matching the words to the correct pictures.
In Maths the students have continued to investigate number and measurement. This week the focus has been measuring length. The students firstly found different long and short items in the class on a scavenger hunt. They then compared objects to find out longer and shorter. Then they measured how long things were using different units, such as their feet to measure items outside, popsticks and paperclips to measure classroom objects. We discussed we can use different things to measure, as long as the units we are using are the same size.

In Number the students have continued practising doubles and are investigating the connection between addition and subtraction. These strategies will help them to be able to solve problems quickly.
In Religion the students have been learning how Jesus showed love with his body through bible stories. They learned that he wants us all to do as he did and recorded some ways they can use their bodies to show love, such as including people in their games, helping people who are less fortunate or helping their parents at home.

During Art over the past few weeks the students have been creating an artwork to enter into the Perth Royal Show School Art Competition. Each student chose a rooster (except one student who wanted to do a chick!) found at the Royal Show poultry competition to use as the subject of their art, such as an Australian Pit Game or a Frizzle. First they drew their chicken, then cut it out. The next step was to use pieces of paper torn from magazines to glue onto the bird as its feathers. This took a while to find and sometimes tear the right colours and glue them on so there were no gaps. Then the students painted the background. Once dry, they chose to create a landscape or portrait artwork, placed then glued the bird onto the card. The almost last step was to add some straw and seeds - and of course decide on a name or title, then glue on their frame (by themselves). I think they have turned out really well! The kids are excited about having their art in a real competition with thousands of people viewing their work. If you do go the Royal Show make sure you pop into the Pigeon and Poultry Pavilion to see their art on display.

On Friday morning the air was filled with the smell of bacon, eggs and coffee as fathers and father figures came to school for the Father’s Day Breakfast.
Then it was onto our Friday morning activities. Most important was the Father’s Day present. I can’t give to much away, but here it is all set up for the students ready to make following the instructions (and no, it’s not a body scrub!). The students have worked very hard to create the three special parts of the presents, and we really hope the Dads love them!

Our week ended on a high note with St Dominic’s Got Talent! There were so many great acts in this yearly talent show. Well done to Alyssa, Daniel, Nella and Sam who made it through to the finals and performed so well on stage.

To all the wonderful Year One Dads - Have a fantastic Father’s Day!