Footy players, an artist and Scitech!

Our book this week was 'Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy' by Linley Dodd. It fitted in nicely with our sound of the week, ‘air’. The students enjoyed reading the text aloud with me, especially the part where Scarface Claw appears to menace the pack of dogs! The students explored the story by moving the characters around a large story map before writing their own map of the story. They also created a wanted poster of the villain in the story, Scarface Claw.
In writing we have continued to work on handwriting and correct letter formation through our writing rotations. After lots of talk and planning, the students have started to write a description of their dad.

In Art we were very lucky to have a visit from an artist to show us how to draw a face. Cathy McRae showed the students some tricks to use when drawing faces, using position, line and shape, then led the students in a step by step process to draw their dad’s face using the photos you sent in. Although they all followed her lead, carefully replicating each of the parts of the process she demonstrated, each picture was so different! I love the individual expression the activity allowed and they have all created fantastic drawings.

In maths the students have been consolidating their understanding of money, as well as skip counting by fives, tens and twenties to count collections of coins. We also discussed chance and what might happen when we tossed a coin in the air ten times. Was it possible that the coin only landed on heads each time? How likely was it that everyone got the same result on all their throws?
The students have also kept learning their ‘doubles’. They played doubles dominoes, matching the sum to the answer, and played some doubles games on the iPads.
In HASS the students have learned that some changes to places are caused by people, and some are caused by events in nature. After going through a PowerPoint about different types of weather events, and how they can change places, the students got into small groups with a different picture of an event happening to a place, causing change. They had to decide if the change was being caused by people or events in nature, and describe what the change was. They then presented their ideas to the class.
In Religion we have continued to learn about making choices. We wondered what it would be like if everyone in the world chose to be friends with Jesus! We all agreed it would be a better place. We read a story and discuss how the main character made some choices that showed love and some that didn’t.

In Health, we watched a cartoon about the ways germs can spread and learned about what we can and cannot share. Things that go into our mouths such as lollipops or toothbrushes shouldn’t be shared, as they can contain germs and could make others sick.

On Wednesday we had a visit from two West Coast Eagles players, Nathan Vardy and Matthew X (I have forgotten his last name!), who taught us some football skills. It was an exciting morning!
But of course the most exciting event was the trip to Scitech to celebrate St Dominic’s feast day. After a lovely mass organised by the Year 2 class, we all got onto a bus and went to Scitech. The students had a great day using cogs and pulleys, investigating light and sound, gravity and physics and much more. They also watched a puppet show about energy. Thanks to Mrs Stratton, Mrs Dyer and Mrs Hogan for coming along to help for the day.

Next week the Year 1 class will be leading the whole school mass on Wednesday. Some children have been given lines to practise at home. They don’t need to remember the lines, just practise reading them for Wednesday.

Stay warm and dry this weekend, and see you on Monday!
Michelle 🙂