Fractions and Fairy bread

Week Three has flown by!
This week we have been investigating fractions in Maths. The students had lots of hands-on activities to help them learn this concept of breaking things into equal parts of different sizes that have names and can be written in different ways.
They engaged in learning activities such as…
• a card game matching a picture to its fraction, • making a picnic plate with food items of different fractions (e.g. a whole orange, half a chocolate bar, a quarter of a pizza),

• Making origami dogs, folding paper to make halves and quarters in different ways,
• and playing fraction pictionary, trying to guess which fraction of an object the other person had drawn.
Our post-topic test showed good understanding and retention of concepts, so well done Year Ones!

In History we reviewed our discussions of the past and wondered if the things people used in the past were the same or different from the things we use today. Each student took an object from either the past (about the time when their grandparents were young) or present from our ‘mystery bag'. They then sorted them into ‘past’ or ‘present’ hoops. Then each student paired up with the student that had the same type of item (past and present) and discussed what was the same or different, and what had changed. We noticed some things like cameras and telephones got smaller and lighter. Money was similar but is now made of a different material.

In Religion we finished learning about our Wonderful World and did some role playing to show how people can care for God's creations. Below are two ways; looking after animals and caring for plants!

In writing we finished looking at procedures by making fairy bread, then writing a procedure to give instructions to make it. The students certainly enjoyed the making and eating part of the learning experience! It was also a good way to reinforce our Maths as they cut their bread into halves or quarters. Some excellent procedures were written as well.

Our shared text this week was called ‘The kind Knight’. It was a good story to help reinforce our ‘high’ sound of the week, too.

Next week we will be busy preparing for our assembly on Friday. Please make sure you help your child to practise their lines.
Have a great weekend!