Goodbye Term 1!

Our last week of Term 1 has, of course, been busy!

We had an exciting day on Wednesday with the students dressing up as part of Harmony Week. We had some creative outfits celebrating all sorts of different places and cultures, including Ireland, Croatia, Hawaii, Venezuela, England, Australia and… Minecraftland!

On Thursday morning we went to an ANZAC Day ceremony in the hall. Before we went we read a story called ‘ANZAC Ted’ and discussed what ANZAC means and what the day commemorates. The students listened respectfully to the Year Fours throughout the service - well done!
After the service, during art, we created some artworks with poppies as the theme. We discussed how the poppies are used as a symbol of remembrance and why. The students then used potatoes to print red poppies, dotted black paint for the centre, drew the stems with markers the splatter-painted around the poppies.

Our shared text this week was called ‘The Jigaree’ by Joy Cowley. The text is full of verbs; running, skating, jumping and dancing! One of the activities the students did was identifying verbs from a set of words and I have to say they all did this very well. We also wrote our own ‘Jigaree’ book, with jigarees cartwheeling, ringing, kicking and many more interesting verbs!
We also read a book about a family that took a holiday around Australia and discussed the pros and cons of different types of holidays(e.g. a beach holiday, a camping holiday in the bush, a holiday at home). The students wrote their ideas about the good and bad aspects of these holidays down as well as one holiday of their own choice.

Our sound of the week was ‘ng’. The students played lots of games designed to help them learn and remember this sound. These included a fishing game (where you can keep the fish you catch if you can read the ‘ng’ word on it), charades, writing on whiteboards and flyswatter games. I always love seeing the students get so actively involved in their learning!

In Religion we discussed how Jesus learned to do many things, and thanked God for helping us to learn different things. We are so grateful to God for giving us this gift!

In Maths we have been learning how to count backwards to solve simple subtraction problems. The students practised this by making up their own number (subtraction) stories for a partner to solve. They also jumped back down the number line and used playing cards to practise counting back to solve problems.

In Geography we finished off our studies on ‘places’ by reflecting on our learning. We also made a Venn diagram comparing the features of a rural town (Katanning) with our urban place (City of Stirling). We found that places can be both the same and different!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy break and we’ll see you in Term 2!