Goodbye, Term 3!

It’s hard to believe it’s the last week of Term 3!
This week the students have been finishing off some big projects and getting ready for open night and the Art Show. They looked at their different artworks, one for each of the four seasons, and selected two they would like to show, giving reasons for their choice. They have done an amazing job with their art and I hope you enjoyed viewing their creative masterpieces last night! Thanks to the families who came in for open night to share their children’s learning journeys. The Year Ones have been busy this term and learned so much, and they loved sharing their work with you all.
The students have read ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ this week. One of the reading activities was a puppet show, where the students could retell the story using text specific language and expression. As usual there were some great performances!
Our sound of the week was ‘oy’. The best activity, judging, by the happy chatter was 'spelling boom'. The target words were stuck onto popsicle sticks, along with the word “Boom" on a few. Each player blindly drew a stick and handed it to Mrs Nicoli to read the word. If they spelled the word correctly they got to keep the stick. If they answered it incorrectly they had to put it back into the cup. If the student chose a ‘Boom!' stick they had put back all of the words that they have collected so far. They also enjoyed playing ‘oy’ snakes and ladders. The games not only engage their brains in different ways, but also help them to learn regulation and social skills.

This week in Writing the students have worked hard to finish their narratives. After completing the rough copy and checking it using a checklist for spelling, narrative structure, language choice and much more it was time to write a clean, neat good copy. Then they created a book on the iPads using Book Creator. The students could choose to illustrate their book using the creator features or by drawing and photographing their pictures. We discussed the main ideas in stories, such as a beginning, middle and end and they used this to help spread their story out over a number of pages and draw illustrations to match the main ideas.

In Maths the students have been busy, finishing capacity and volume, and consolidating strategies such as adding ten and counting backwards in different ways. For a warm up one day this week, the students listened to a counting backwards song. Each student had a number and they had to jump up and shout that number when it came up in the song.

In Health the students learned about recognising unsafe secrets. Together, we defined some categories of secrets based on safe or ‘OK’ secrets; unsafe or not ‘OK’ secrets; and not sure secrets (meaning need to check with someone on the network). We discussed how can help ourselves to be safe by talking to people we trust. After sharing some ideas for people that might be trusted and what makes them trustworthy, the students wrote the names of 5 people they could trust in their Health books.
In Geography, the students completed their seasons activity from last week, researching about their chosen season and deciding on a way to share the new information with their peers.

In Religion we celebrated Imagination with a litany of thanks. We are so grateful for our imaginations!
Our last fun Friday of the term saw some finishing off work along with a few creative, fine-motor development social activities.
I hope everyone has a relaxing and sunny holiday and we’ll see you in Term 4!