Graphs and Globes

This week in Maths the students have been looking at collecting, organising and reading data - graphing! To start, they each wrote their favourite lunch on piece of paper and I asked how we could organise the information so that we could to find out some facts about the different foods. We sorted the information into a big graph on the floor and discussed how it is like a a diagram putting information together. We found out that the most popular lunch was sushi! They then did some graphing activities, one of which was sorting the M&Ms in a small pack by their colours into a graph, then finding out which colour was the most and least common. Needless to say this was their favourite graphing activity and certainly got them interested in graphing!
Later in the week they chose their own question to investigate, and asked others in the class questions to collect data. They then told the class what they had found out. They also played a spinner game and recorded the number of times the spinner landed on each one of four pictures.
We have continued to play some different mental maths games to warm up for Maths. On Wednesday the students played a dice game. They took turns in pairs to roll a dice. They rolled again and added the new number onto the last. They kept adding each time they rolled, adding mentally. They were encouraged to use strategies such as doubles, near doubles and counting on to add in their heads.In Art the students are one step closer to finishing their globes. They looked at some world maps and a globe and discussed how the land and water was represented, and how the big areas of land were called continents. They then painted their own globes, trying to paint oceans and continents. Painting is a bit trickier on a rounded surface!
Tying in with our Geography studies, the home corner is now a travel agency. The students have enjoyed role playing as travel agents and customers looking for tropical holidays somewhere near the equator; snow holidays on mountains further from the equator and family holidays with pets closer to home. This week the students have been reading a shared text about whales. Being an information report, there were lots of interesting facts about whales; one of them was that blue whales can grow to 33 metres long! We went outside and measured 33 metres to see how big that actually was, and everyone was amazed! They read about toothed and baleen whales, how whales move, whale families and threats to whales. Our sound of the week was ‘wh’. They typed ‘wh’ questions onto the iPads, play ‘wh’ bingo and did a ‘popcorn’ sorting activity.
In Religion, the students acted out ways they can work to show love to themselves, others and creation. The class had to guess which of the three was being shown int he dramatisations. Can you guess which one is being shown below? In Geography the students used iPads to get information about the current season and weather in a city in the Northern hemisphere. Some of the cities chosen were Paris, London, Caracas and Rome! They wrote this down beside their notes about Perth’s weather and seasons. They compared it to our season and weather, then explained why the two places had different weather and seasons.

In Health the students have started learning about healthy foods and healthy eating. What is healthy food? Why do we need it? They watched a video and shared their ideas. We are looking forward to our excursion on Monday to Woolworths in Innaloo where we will learn a bit more about healthy eating, and to Bunnings to learn about growing healthy foods we can eat.

Have a great weekend,