Happy Mother's Day!

We welcome our new class member Freya! Everyone was very excited to meet her and has been helping her to settle in to the school and the class routines.

This week we have - amongst other things - been getting ready for Mother’s Day. We finished off our posters, reflected on all the things mums do for us during the mass on Friday, and also remembered Liz Lofthouse, our Year 2 teacher, who suddenly and very sadly passed away this week. We pray for her family and friends during this difficult time.
In class, we have been reading another Dreamtime story in our shared reading time. This week’s story was ‘How the birds got their colours’. We will be performing this story as an assembly item in week 4. Thanks to Mrs Hogan and Mrs Wright for their help planning the costumes this week. The children have been given their lines to practise at home, so please help them to learn their lines.

Sequencing and retelling activities are not only great reading activities, but are also good for helping the children to become capable writers. This week the students sequenced pictures from the story, then took turns to tell the story with expression and using language from the text. The others in the group then gave them feedback on how they presented the story.

We also finished and presented out readers theatre scrips to the class in small groups. It was great to hear expression in the reading, and to see the children gain confidence in their abilities as readers as they read to an audience.

We have regular movement breaks and brain breaks in our class. There are so many benefits, such as enabling learners to maintain focus, integrate learning across both of the brain’s hemispheres, enter information into memory, and avoid feeling overwhelmed or information overload.You can read a few more benefits at http://literacyandlanguagecenter.com/the-benefits-of-movement-in-the-classroom/
One movement break we do is guided dances from a website called ‘Go Noodle’. The children have been enjoying dancing to ‘Whoomp, there it is!’ The are also enjoying the Edudance lessons on Tuesdays.
Similarly, when you see the students doing the exercises in the morning, there is a reason! Core strength is important for children to be able to sit at a table and work, concentrate and develop fine (e.g. handwriting) and gross motor movements. It is important that children build strong core muscles in their neck, tummy, legs, eyes, arms and fingers.

The students are still learning how to write procedures in writing. We experimented with the different parts of the procedure we used to make your special mothers day present. Next, we played a Nyoongar honky-nut throwing game, then talked about what we would need to put in a procedure to tell others how to play the game. Then they tried writing a procedure for the game. We discussed the importance of being very specific in the instructions, as leaving bits out made the procedure hard to follow.

In History we read ‘Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot’ again and discussed the ways the life of a Nyoongar child thousands of years ago might be similar or different from our lives. We made a Venn diagram, with the students placing cards into the hoops to show if it was something from Chunyart’s life (e.g. hunting kangaroos, wearing a kangaroo skins), their own life (e.g. using computers, going to school) or something they both would have done (e.g. living with a family, helping at home).
In Maths we have been investigating chance, as well as fractions (halves and quarters). As well as folding paper, playing sorting games on the iPads and colouring halves of shapes, the students experimented with making halves of play dough shapes.

Sam made a face in the shape of a love-heart and said it was Mrs Lofthouse. What a lovely way of remembering our colleague, teacher and friend.

To reinforce the ‘ee’ sound of the week, the students participated in a variety of games and challenges. Bouncing a ball on sounds to make words, putting word parts together and drawing a picture of the word they made, and small group board games all help to consolidate the learning. Each week the students also complete one sound activity on paper.
In Religion we learned how Jesus appreciated creation, and shared some ideas through role play about how people enjoy creation, too.
Fun Friday was a chance to finish off work and also included lots of fine-motor activities, including play dough and beads.

To all the mums, aunties and grandmothers out there - I hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day, and thanks for everything you do for the children in your care. I also hope you enjoy your present!
Michelle ;)