Last Week of Year 1!

I really can’t believe that today is the last day of Year 1 for us all! It’s been a busy week, the last week for the students for 2018. They have been very busy learning til almost the last minute, with their last spelling test this morning!

This week the students completed and presented their weather reports using a green screen app. They looked great! After watching their reports the students completed a self-evaluation to think about what they did well and how they could improve next time. You can watch each child’s report by following the link below
Jabob h
Jacob B

Earlier in the week we had Grandparents Day. It was lovely to see so many grandparents coming in to spend time with their grandchildren. Thanks for helping the students to do some craft!

We did some more Christmas craft this week, making some wrapping paper and tree decorations.

On Tuesday the school went to Millet park (Spiderman Park) for class outings. This is a great day and well-loved by the students, who have a great opportunity to play, explore and relax.

On Wednesday afternoon we were lucky to have Mrs Hogan come into the class and share her knowledge of the Emu in the sky, Indigenous seasons and how the position and shape of the emu (located within the Milky Way) shows when emu eggs will be ready, or determines movement within country. It was interesting for the students to learn that not all cultures follow the four seasons. Thanks Mrs Hogan for your time.
The Thanksgiving mass on Friday was beautiful and the students did well to last nearly 2 hours sitting still. Congratulations to the Year 1 award winner Jaden Raso. It was a hard choice as there are so many hardworking, caring and honest students in year one, but Jaden is a very worthy recipient.

In the afternoon we had our Year 1 party. The students munched on cookies they had baked and decorated, and enjoyed sharing the fruit they had brought in while they played some games.

Your children have learned so much this year and I am infinitely proud of each and every one of them. They have learned the curriculum, but also learned gratitude and care, developed in confidence and capability, and become connected in so many ways to the place they live in and its people. There is so much more to their development than their grades, so please celebrate all that they are and all they have done this year with them. Your children have been the core of what I do, seven days a week, in my thoughts even sometimes at 2am, and I would do it all again with such an amazing bunch of young people in a heartbeat.

I just wanted to let you know, too, that your children have been in excellent hands this year with our Year 1 assistants, Nadia, Kim and Paola. They are extremely caring, supportive and hardworking and have been patient, kind and nurturing with very child in the class. I have been truly blessed to have such great help. They go above and beyond in the classroom to make sure each child is supported and feels safe, happy and secure.

Thank you also for the beautiful gifts. What a surprise and so very generous! I will treasure the board. Thank you for letting me be part of your child’s learning journey this year. I hope each one leaves Year One with many happy memories, a love of learning and eager for another year at St Dominics.

Have a wonderful break everyone, and a safe and happy Christmas.
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