Out and About

The highlight of Week Eight was of course our excursion on Monday to the State Cultural Centre. Just catching a train was very exciting! What a great experience for some students who had never been on a train before. We were very lucky to have the help of the Transport Authority staff who were waiting to help us at every point of our journey, keeping us safe from the tracks and making sure we went the right way! Thanks to all the parents and carers for getting their children to and from the train station in time.
After arriving we had morning tea in the cultural centre before heading into the Art Gallery to find out what kind of information artworks can give us about the past. We saw art both from and about the past. We even saw a Sally Morgan artwork (we looked at her art and used a similar style to create a Rainbow Serpent story artwork).
After the Art gallery, we went over to the State Library. We discussed the different items the library keeps that help us to learn about the past, looked at pictures of the past and present, then matched pairs of photos. Then the students sequenced some photos of Perth, from the 1800s to more recent times, as a postcard.

After lunch we explored the area, finding something that was from the past in the physical environment and drawing it, visiting the wetland area, investigating the ‘Hats’ exhibition and the WA museum Discovery Zone.
It was very clear that each student took away lots of new knowledge from the array of experiences they had that day. For some, it was developing an endemic sense of place and belonging to the city that is their home. For others it was that there is a big library in the city that keeps interesting objects from the past. For some, it was the sad history of our Holiday Island, Rottnest, through the artwork of an artist they are familiar with. Field trips bring learning to life, extend the learners’ horizons and are an invaluable tool for learning. Thanks to the parents that helped keep everyone safe and on task during the day; Mrs Wright, Mrs Hogan, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Willesee and Mrs Raso.

What we learned at the library:
Paul: The present and the past are different. The old pictures are black and grey. The olden day car was the best!
Logan: There are old and new houses. In the olden days there were horses as cars and the new ones have a motor.
Oliver: One car was electric and one was by horse power.
Jake: Families were bigger in the olden days
Jaden: Kids played with wooden toys
Luke: People wore different clothes.
Jacob B: Perth looks different, has more buildings now.
Jacob H: Photos can show you change from the past.
Jack: We can make letters with old photos.
Sam: Many things have changed in Perth. There are new buildings now.
Elizabeth: Some families were big and now families are smaller.
Nella: The photos were different colours. The old photos were black and white.
Alyssa: The olden day photos were black and white
Freya: The pictures from today had colour.

There were still four other days of learning! During our shared reading time we read a digital information text about the World Cup. With lots of soccer fans in the class it was great to see them engage with the text and also learn a bit more about the Cup and how it works. We learned about the ‘ur’ sound as well.

In Maths we have been investigating partitioning. This means separating or breaking numbers up into parts. For example, 10 can be broken up into 9 and 1, 8 and 2, 7 and 3, 6 and 4, 5 and 5 and 10 and 0. Being able to partition numbers is important for future number concepts such as adding larger numbers, and also understanding money.

In Religion we have been learning about families and other groups that we belong to. We looked at some images of the Holy Family and drew pictures of the family.
In Art the students finished off their autumn leaf prints, their sepia images and also painted their sketches from the excursion.
I hope everyone has received the invitation to the grandparents morning and has been able to pass this on if possible. I look forward to seeing the students light up about sharing their knowledge of the past with their family members on Wednesday.
Michelle 🙂