We've had a very busy week in Year 1

On Tuesday everyone was excited to FaceTime a class at the International Montessori school in Hong Kong. Luckily technology was good to us and after a small hiccup, it worked! Lots of questions were asked and answered. After the FaceTime session, I asked for a list of the Hong Kong School students' names, and each of our students wrote a wonderful letter to a student in Hong Kong. Noah even got to write to a boy called... Noah! We hope they write back soon!

In Maths we have been weighing things in different ways. We hefted some items with our hands to work out which was heavier. The biggest item, we found, isn't always the heaviest! We used balance scales and some interactive games during maths rotations to help us learn about heavier and lighter. We also used number lines to help us solve some addition and subtraction problems.

In Health we have started finding out about physical health. We worked in small groups to think of ways we can be physically active, and how this helps us to be healthy. Next week we will discuss different ways to be physically active in natural environments as a lead up to our excursion to Naturescape.
Our shared reading text this week was The Gingerbread Man. So of course on Friday we had to make gingerbread men. The children enjoyed smelling the spices and syrup, beating the butter and sugar, rolling the dough and sifting the flour. And of course decorating and eating their creations!

In Religion we have started our new topic, preparing for Christmas and the birth of Jesus. We have listed special times and how we can help our families to prepare for these events. The children had lots of ideas for helping at Christmas, so hopefully they will give you a hand when the time comes!

In HASS we compared Hong Kong's weather and seasons to ours, and reflected on why we have different seasons and weather. Next week we will plan our weather reports and hopefully have them filmed by the end of the week.

Have a lovely weekend!