Week 2

This week we have been finding out lots about weather and what causes different types of weather.

Our shared text was an information text called ‘Weather and Seasons’. The students learned (hopefully!) that the sun, wind, shape of the planet and its tilt cause much of our weather. Some of the ‘big' words in the text included temperature, precipitation, hemisphere, anemometer and equator.

While discussing the way the Earth’s tilt causes seasons I had a brainwave and asked Mrs Campbell (our Friday Teacher Assistant) if we could call her daughter in America. We had an impromptu but valuable discussion with Kacie using a video call and found out that in Florida right now its fall (autumn), that at Christmas it snows, and that the temperature there is measured differently (in Fahrenheit). It was a great way to find out information and exciting event for the morning!

In Art the students started making globes so they can demonstrate their understanding of the equator and hemispheres. Always a fun activity for the kids and they had a great time getting messy covering their balloons with soggy paper and sticky glue (not so much the adults!!). Next week we will do the second layer, and later paint it and label it.
In HASS the students interpreted the data they had collected about the weather over the last week. They discussed what their observations tell us and shared ideas in pairs. Together we summarised what our observations told us about the temperature, rainfall and other weather events in Spring in Perth and recorded this information on a table. The next step will be to find out about another place in the northern hemisphere and compare the information.
In Maths the students have been investigating 3D shapes. The activities included matching games, making models out of play dough, and going on a shape hunt around the classroom to find objects and record the features of that shape - faces, edges and vertices (corners). The students also began to learn about making arrays and counting these groups (repeated addition).

Our sound of the week was ‘’ue’, which is really 2 sounds; ‘oo’ and ‘you’. As well as typing ‘ue’ words onto an app on the iPads, the students passed a ball as they spelled and made their own word search to give to a classmate.

In writing the students have started to learn about information reports. These are texts that give us lots of facts and information about something, and later int he tea the students will be writing their own. We read an information report together and discussed its features (they have a title, a general statement, a description and an evaluation). We also spent some time finding out what facts were and how they are different from opinions. The students looked at some stimulus pictures and shared one fact and one opinion about each, as well as playing a game where I called out a sentence and they had to move to one corner of the room if they thought it was an opinion, and another corner if they thought it was a fact. They also shared, then wrote, a couple of facts about themselves and opinions, too. A lot of our writing starts with talking, so that the students have the language and understanding they need in order to be able to write.
In Religion the students have continued to learn about working to show love and care. We met with the Year 2 students on Friday morning and together (in pairs with a Year 2) the students drew one way we can work to care for others. This ties in with the Gospel reading on Saturday.
We hope to see you at the family mass on Saturday evening!