Week 2 in Year 1

It’s been a bit hectic this week with swimming lessons every day. The students have enjoyed swimming even though it is a bit cold when they get out!

During Maths this week we were busy ordering numbers and investigating numbers with a ‘think board’. Each student got a different number between 14 and 30 and investigated the different ways the number ‘looks’. They did a great job!

We read a book called ‘Hattie and the Fox’ by Mem Fox during shared reading and did lots of literacy activities connected to this story. The favourite activity was the puppet show, where the students retold the story using puppets to the rest of the class in small groups. It was great to hear their expression as they retold the events using language from the story. We have done lots of writing as well. We had a visitor to class when I brought in my son's hen, Bobby Brown, so the students could touch and see a real hen. We wrote a description together using words like sharp claws, soft brown feathers, and two beady eyes.

Our letter of the week was x. We make an action for each sound, and for x it is like we are clicking an x-ray machine. Each time we click the x-ray, we make a ‘cks’ sound. If you are not sure what I mean, ask your child for a demonstration!

The Year One Workshop continues to be popular. The students have managed to completely ‘fix’ one of our items. We might need some more, so if anyone has any spare devices lying around we can fix, please bring them in!

What was your favourite part of the week?
Paul: Seeing Bobby the chicken
Elizabeth: Bobby!
Alyssa: Bobby the chicken
Nella: when Bobby the chicken came in and swimming lessons
Jaden: going swimming
Sam: when we went swimming
Zac: Swimming
Jack: doing the puppet show
Namatjira: playing soccer and seeing the chicken
Oliver: swimming
Luke: seeing the chicken
Logan: Making a marble run
Jacob H: When we did the chicken thing (patted the chicken)
Noah: Going swimming
Mrs Reynolds: seeing the Silkie chicken
Jake: the chicken Bobby

Have a wonderful weekend!