Week 3

Week 3 in Year One has been a little bit quiet with a few of our students away sick.
On Monday we had a visit from Megan from Watercorp. She taught us about where we get our water from. Did you know even if we filled Subiaco Oval right up to the level of the top of the lights with water, that wouldn’t be enough water for the people of Perth for one day?!
Our guided reading texts this week were different scripts (Reader’s theatre). The students enjoyed reading their parts with expression. We also learned a technique called ‘Koala Claws’ to help work out tricky words. By framing the word with your fingers (claws), you can focus better on the word to try to work out what it is.
On Thursday morning we had a great start to the day with Musica Viva. They had us all clapping and moving to different rhythm patterns. This was a happy coincidence as back in class we were looking at patterns in maths! We found and described patterns on fabric and wrapping paper, made our own patterns from a variety of objects and experimented with number patterns as well.
Along with patterns we have been investigating the properties of shapes (2D and 3D). The students found there were lots of different 2D shapes that had four sides and four corners! The students chose different shapes to make using craft sticks and plasticine on Friday morning as a STEM challenge. Other Fun Friday activities included a ball bounce game, water-colour painting and some green playdough.These types of activities are very important for the students to continue to develop essential fine motor skills and strength.

In Health we reviewed the healthy eating pyramid and then used our knowledge of what kinds of foods are healthy to find healthy foods in supermarket catalogues. There are still some interesting perceptions of ‘healthy’! Next week we will start to plan what foods we could have for our healthy lunch.
Here are some things we learned this week…
Kieran – you can drink water out of the ground
Jacob – drinking water comes out from a dam
Jake – they clean the dirt out of the water
Clara – we learned number patterns
Chloe – we learned in the healthy food pyramid that we have to eat mostly healthy food and way less junk food
Harvey – don’t waste water
Kacey – junk food is bad food and vegetables are good for you.
Charlotte – all kinds of different instruments can make all kinds of sounds
Charlie – you shouldn’t eat too much junk food
Alexia – all fruit and vegetables have lots and lots of vitamins
Zoey – don’t eat too much junk food
Henrique – some fruit makes you go to the toilet better
Noah – if you fill up
Hudson – junk food makes you a little bit suck sometimes
Jessica – if you eat healthy food you can get strong
Lilly – instruments can make different sounds
Nick – water is the healthiest drink
Alice – God gave us the ability to be nice to others
Kate – too much salt is not good for you
Zara – that caring for yourself and caring for others is good.
And I learned that this is a very creative bunch of children! Their Impressionist gardens are finished and look wonderful!
Have a great weekend!