Week 3

Let’s start with the most exciting event this week, which was of course our excursion to Kings Park!

In health the students have been learning about different kinds of exercise and how these can help us to be healthy. A visit to Naturescape was a great opportunity for them to experience the different types of exercise that can be done in natural environments. They climbed, balanced, explored, built cubbies, observed, and experienced so many kinds of whole body exercise. They also learned during our education program about what kinds of animals might be present in bushland environments. During our program Heather from Kings park Education talked about how Kings Park is a place where plants and animals are protected, and the types of animals that live here. She discussed how we can see different animals in different seasons, and where we might find them. The students explored the bushland in small groups. They looked for evidence of animals using different scientific equipment, recorded their observations in different ways and presented it to the rest of the group. There are so many benefits to experiences like these and I’m grateful for the help of Mr Pina (Elizabeth’s dad), Mr Willesee, Mr Toutountzis, Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Hogan leading the children through these experiences and keeping them safe.

The rest of the week saw the students engaged in a variety of learning experiences across the curriculum. The sound of the week (aw) activities included a ‘hangman’ style game in the ipads, a fly swatter game trying to ‘swat' the word called out, and painting ‘aw’ words on the ground outside (with water!). Our shared reading text was ‘Scarface Claw’ by Lynley Dodd. In guided reading the students have read different information reports and discussed the features of this text type. Later this term they will be writing an information report of their own! We did some more activities during writing leading up to writing this new text type.

In Maths the students have done a little bit more on sorting, classifying and describing three dimensional shapes, as well as activities investigating the concept of the ‘difference between’ two numbers. After the excursion, the students used some maps of Naturescape to locate places they had visited using alpha-numeric grid referencing, and played a game using the same concept.
In Art the students completed the paper mâché stage of their globe with a second layer of sticky newspaper. After the mess we made last time I thought we’d try doing it in the veggie garden instead for round 2, and this proved to be the perfect spot! After finishing their mache-ing, the students sat down under the tree to paint, using water colour paints, a scene from yesterday’s excursion. We used these to make thank you cards for the people that helped us on our excursion.In Religion, the students read stories about Jesus and how he worked to show love, and reflected on this gift God has given us, too.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, and fingers crossed for a great turn-out to the sausage sizzle!
Michelle 🙂