Week 4

This week in Maths we have been busy investigating tens. Firstly we practised counting by tens - we played a hopscotch game, made tens with popsticks and beads and even had a song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYRTtwZGwj8). We counted different two digit numbers using ten frames and matched them to the correct digits and number words. Then we investigated place value, looking at how many groups of ten and then left-over ones were in collections of different items and writing the tens and ones on a place value mat. I have to say they were so engrossed in the bead activity - making making as many groups of ten using sets of coloured beads - that you could have heard a pin drop!

Our shared reading text this week is a story called ‘Lazy Mary’. Mary is a girl with red hair and freckles who refuses to get up one day. Ask your child to tell you more about the story! One of our reading activities a text innovation. They children had to act out and retell the text but make a change to it. They enjoyed acting out the story, using their own unique changes. Another activity was a ‘flyswatter’ game. The students had to try to find the word from the shared text that was called out and swat it before anyone else! They loved this game and it’s a great way to motivate and encourage the students to read.

In Geography we have begun our investigation of the features of places. On Tuesday we split into two groups and each group went to a different place within the school grounds. There, the students recorded the things they could hear, smell, see and feel. When we got back together, the students got into pairs and told their partner about the features of their place they had observed, without telling them the name of the place. Their partner had to guess which place they were describing, based purely on the features described. Everyone was able to guess where their partner had been which shows what a great job they did recording and communicating their observations.
We will be looking at different places and the features that make each place unique as we continue studying Geography.

In Religion we have been continuing to consider how we all have the ability to grow and change. We have written and drawn some of the things we could do as a baby and a two year old. It would be great if you could spend some time looking at old photos and discussing how much your child has grown and changed.

In art we looked at a range of different portraits, including some by Pablo Picasso. After discussing images of different artworks in small groups, the students shared their ideas about the features that were included in the paintings, and their thoughts and feelings about the artworks. We discussed how some of the paintings weren’t perfect or even accurate, but they still looked interesting.
We then had a try at a Picasso inspired portrait. I was so impressed with the way the students used the space and the techniques to create very unique artworks. They obviously felt free to create knowing that it didn’t matter if it was perfect.

Our phonics sounds this week were v and z. As well as picture talks, iPad games and play dough letter and picture formations, we made vegetable faces on Friday. This also tied in with our art, where we were looking at features of our faces. The students enjoyed making and eating their vegetable faces. We then wrote about what vegetables we had used to make the features of our edible artworks.

It was great to see the children enjoying their (mostly) vegetable snack.
Speaking of vegetables, please make sure your child brings in their crunch and sip food in a separate container so they can bring just their crunch and sip into the classroom during the morning.

Thanks parents and carers for ensuring the students completed their homework last week. Please let me know if you have any questions about homework.
It’s been a great, and busy, week. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!