Week 4

We’ve had a great week in Year One. Lots of lovely weather, a couple of tests and a even talent show!
Our maths lessons have been busy with lots of learning about money through games and activities with coins. We have practised counting by fives and tens, recognising coins and adding coins together. Giving children pocket money for jobs at home is a fantastic way to help them learn to count money and begin to learn financial skills.
We have been preparing for Monday’s short assembly item. We will be sharing our ideas on how one quality of effective learners is that they are team players. Team players learn together, share ideas and respect others’ opinions. It was good to see the students put this into action during the week helping each other to learn and sharing ideas about making paper planes. The students chose some different ways to share this with the school at our assembly; a poem, a poster and an iMovie.
In religion the student have been practicing the 'Glory Be' prayer. It would be great if you could practise this with your children at home.
Hopefully you received our note about Mrs Mearns and the wonderful news that she has had a baby girl. Congratulations! Some of the children took the opportunity this week to write a cards for Mrs Mearns to let her know she is in our thoughts and prayers.
We held a paper plane contest to tie in with the ‘a-e’ sound we are learning this week. Different designs were made and trialled during the week before everyone made their final model on Friday morning. Well done to Harvey whose plane flew over four metres to win the competition.
Everyone played fair and completed an evaluation of their pane, its design and performance, so well done Year Ones!

In Health we are close to finalising the healthy lunch meal for this coming Friday. The students used the iPads to search for some healthy lunch ideas. Next week we will decide what foods we will have. Remember this Friday 10 November the students will not need to bring any lunch as we will be making it ourselves.
While lots of children entered the Talent Contest, only a few got through to the finals this afternoon. The amazing talent at St Dominics was evident and well done to the two Year One acts that got through, and to Alice, Zara and Lisa for winning the junior section of the talent show!

Next week we are a bit excited about a planned visit from Channel Seven weather presenter Samantha Jolly. She is going to come in and talk with the students about what she presents and where she gets her information from. After her visit we will be planning our own weather report, focusing on Perth and one other city from another country. If you have time over the next few days, try to watch the weather report and discuss it with your children.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Michelle Martin