Week 7

It’s been a great week in Year One with lots of learning, a field trip and some sculptures!

This week during our Literacy block we read a story called 'Lovely Lunch’ by Amanda Graham. A little fish goes looking for some lunch but becomes a potential menu item for some bigger fish. Luckily her big sister comes to her rescue. The story featured our sound of the week, ‘ch’. Our action for this sound is saying 'ch ch' sound and flapping our wings like chickens. On Friday we made some Cheddar Cheese toasted sandwiches to practise our ‘ch’ sounds. While waiting for the cheese to melt we found as many ‘ch' sounds in the recipe as we could.

As exciting as the freshly toasted sandwiches were, the most exciting part of the week was of course our excursion to Cottesloe Beach to visit the Sculptures by the sea exhibition. This was a great opportunity to see some art from around the world, and also a chance to study the natural, managed and constructed features of a beach. Our parent helpers did a fantastic job taking the students to different sculptures, guiding discussion and recording responses.
Thanks to Mrs Toutountzis, Mrs Dyer, Mrs Stratton, Mrs Hogan and Mrs O’Donnell for helping out. After lunch the students recorded observations of the geographical features of the beach in different ways (photographs, diagrams and written responses).
It was quite warm and the students (and teachers!!) were relieved to get back into the air conditioning at school to complete some HASS activities.

In religion we have discussed the last Supper and went into church to look at the alter and chalice, reminders of Jesus’s last meal. We have looked around the school for signs of new life and writers a prayer celebrating the beautiful things God has made.

In Art we were very lucky to have the creative help of Mrs Hogan to create our own sculptures! Mrs Hogan had a fantastic idea for a collaborative dragonfly sculpture. Fan blade for wings and fence pickets for the body. Fist the students drew a design, using elements for the artworks we viewed on Tuesday. Then we painted them onto some fan blades or fence pickets. Mrs Hogan has offered to put them together to make the sculptures. We are looking forward to seeing the final product!
Thanks again Mrs Hogan!
On Monday we will present a short presentation about effective learners at St Dominics. If your child has a line to say, could you please help them practise reading it over the weekend.