Week 7

In Maths this week the students have been investigating fact families. This is knowing that there are four facts for a group of three numbers; two addition and two subtraction facts. For example, 5 and 3 make 8. As well as 5+3=8, 3+5=8, 8-5=3 and 8-3=5. Knowing how numbers are related through addition and subtraction can help the students to solve problems mentally and more quickly. They also did some more direction and location activities. I drew a giant map outside on the ground with ‘obstacles’. The students had to direct a partner to the treasure chest in the middle of the map, telling them to turn left or right to avoid the obstacles, or go so many steps straight ahead. This was a great way for them to physically reinforce concepts of position and direction. They also did some problem solving activities, using different materials to help them solve the addition or subtraction word problem cards.

Our sound of the week was three sounds made by a silent (or magic) e; a_e, i_e and e_e. The ‘e' makes a vowel say its name after a consonant, so ‘man’ becomes ‘mane’, Pet becomes Pete. They did a variety of activities, including a board game and card games to learn and remember these sounds.
In Religion we have discussed how God gave us the gift of Jesus at Christmas as an act of love for us. The students shared ways they can also give to others as a way of showing love; not just giving gifts, but also by giving non-gifts, such as helping at home, giving a hug or sharing.

Our shared text this week was ‘I wish I had a Pirate Suit’ by Pamela Allen. The students found contractions, suffixes and rhyming words in the text, as well as decided which things were real and which were imagined. We also watched a viewed text on Friday afternoon, analysing the text (an episode of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) and considered what was real and what was imagined. The students shared their ideas then recorded them on a sheet. For example, scientists are real and they really can invent things, but there are no flying dolphins and you can’t float around in space without oxygen! It’s important that the students learn to think critically as they engage in a variety of texts.

In writing the students have been very busy and engaged finishing their information reports. They have used the iPads to further research their topic. Once they have finished researching, taking notes and writing a rough copy, they will create a Sway about their chosen animal.

In Art the students started painting their Impressionist inspired artwork by painting the background. They could choose to use their fingers or a paintbrush to get the desired short strokes. Most of the students decided to use their fingers! It was a messy but creative and wonderfully sensory activity and produced some interesting results. On Friday morning, when the background was dry, they painted images in the foreground (flowers on the water and the bridge).
They also started doing some Christmas craft and traced around a Christmas tree template onto contact paper, then filled the tree shape with coloured cellophane to make a window decoration.
In Geography the students finished planning their weather reports and have started to practise reading them aloud with expression, just like a weather reporter/presenter. They are also going to try to use body language, intonation and expressions like a weather reporter does on the TV. Next week we will film them and create videos with background images using the green screen app.

But of course the most exciting part of the week was the shared lunch on Friday. The students first had to place their food items in the right food group box in the morning (with discussion about some - is a capsicum a fruit or a vegetable?), then later in the day we were joined by our wonderful volunteers to prepare the food! Thanks Mrs Ceic, Mrs Dyer and Mrs Stratton helping. Thanks also to Mrs Nicoli for dashing out to replace the wholegrain wraps that were not as fresh as the packet said they were! The parents directed the students through washing the foods and discussed why they should be washed, they got them engaged in peeling, cutting and grating our foods, as well as laying them out on trays.

Just before lunchtime the students made their own healthy lunches. It was great to see them so enthusiastic about eating healthily, and trying foods they have never had before. The colourful selection of fresh, healthy foods inspired most kids to try some food they hadn’t tasted before. Most of them made sure they got some foods from all of the food groups on their tray.

It was a very civilised and enjoyable experience, eating a shared lunch at their desks with a napkin and cold drink of milk or lemon-water, and many of them asked if we could do it again. The students, having researched, planned, chosen and prepared their own meal had real ownership of the experience and hopefully will be able to use their new knowledge in the future. Thanks everyone for sending in such yummy, fresh food items.
I hope the students have lots to tell you about our exciting day!
Have a lovely weekend 🙂