Week 7 - All about the outdoors!

We have had another busy week in Year One. With an exciting excursion planned we had lots to fit in during the start of the week! The focus in English was learning about May Gibbs, her stories and her characters, and, in Health, thinking about the types of physical activity we can do in different natural environments. The students brainstormed ideas for different physical activities that can be done in a variety of natural environments using some pictures to help guide the discussion. Here are some of the students’ ideas;

· Surfing
· Jumping
· Skipping
· Walking the dog
· Jumping over the waves
· Exercise on the beach
· Swimming
· Body boarding
· Diving

· Swinging on branches
· Jumping branch to branch
· Skip
· Jumping
· Bouncing on trees
· Making a campfire
· Walking
· Hiking
· Jogging
· Orienteering

River and lake
· Jump, skip, walk
· Go fishing
· Boating
· Rowing, sailing
· Climbing
· Ride around the river

· Play tag
· Swim
· Jump from rock to rock
· Jump across the river
· Jogging
· Balancing
· Leaf boat races
· Walk in the water down the creek

Lots of ideas for things you can do in the school holidays!

In literacy we read a May Gibbs inspired story about Snugglepot, Cuddlepie and Mrs Snake. May Gibbs lived in Perth and was inspired by the plants and animals that she encountered, and grew to love, in the bushland. Our literacy rotations included an activity where the students took a natural item (such as banksia cone, she-oak fruit, honky nuts, banksia flower, Tuart flower bud) and turned it into a character of their own with a unique set of personality traits. They also really enjoyed an activity where, after sequencing the story using large images from the text, they chose one scene to create as a frieze. They presented it to the other students, who had to guess which part of the story was being portrayed. There were some very clever interpretations of the story scenes!

This was of course in our lead up to the big day on Thursday with our excursion. During the week, we practised identifying hazards and managing risks in the playground and in the classroom. These are important skills for children to acquire as they grow and become more responsible.

Read about our excursion below!

Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park excursion.

We had an exciting bus trip with a bit of karaoke to Katy Perry. We got dropped off outside Naturescape and walked inside to our spot for the day. After morning tea a lady named Charlotte took us to our special bushland teaching space where we got to have our own May Gibbs adventure. Snuggle pot, Cuddlepie, Little Ragged Blossom discovered their bush treasures were gone. The naughty Banksia men had stolen them! We went on an adventure to help them find their treasures. We made a frog chorus with instruments to ask the frogs for their help. Mrs Kookaburra didn't know where the treasures were. We woke a possum from its drey to ask if he had seen the treasures but he didn't know. We met some butterflies emerging from their chrysalises who helped us get back home. There Mr Lizard was waiting for us with the treasures which he had seen the Banksia men drop. We then collected treasures of our own before doing some craft.

After a bit of food, we were able to explore Naturescape. We climbed the 'python' and 'bungarra', built a dam in Paperbark Creek, waded and walked on smooth river rocks, climbed trees, towers and ropes. Everyone took responsibility for their own safety and it was a safe, adventurous and successful day. Alice and Zara were hiding at the end because they didn't want to go home!

The day wouldn't have been possible without the help of the parents who joined us for the day. Thanks to Mr Papamahail, Mrs Afkos, Mrs Haagman, Mr Damon, Mrs Lee and Mrs Campbell for the great job you did helping on the day.

The excursion was a great experience and a wonderful way to practise being physically active in a natural environment. I was very proud of the students who were mature in managing risks by themselves.

Here’s a link to some photos from the day:

On Friday we had time to film the weather forecast presentations. The children made their own world maps, chose their own weather symbols, and composed their reports by themselves. You can watch the videos by clicking on the links below. (please sign in to YouTube first)

I hope you have a restful weekend 🙂