Week 8

We started the week with a short assembly on ‘Team Players’.
We shared with the rest of the school our ideas about this trait of effective learning. Some of the characteristics of a team player are below…
• Team players help each other.

• Team players communicate effectively.

• Team players work together.

This week we have delved into the ‘sh’ sound with different ‘sh’ activities and a shared book featuring the target sound, 'Mrs Wishy-washy'. In one activity, a variety of items containing the 'sh' sound were on a tray. The students had to try to remember all the items, then guess which one was missing when one was secretly taken away. This game is great for visual memory which is an important reading skill. You can do this memory game at home!

In Religion we have been learning the Easter story. After watching the story online we each created a page for a class book. The students then sequenced the story and wrote to create their own book. We have heard in news how different families celebrate Easter, too.

In health we have learned about rights and responsibilities. This was a difficult concept to grasp so we will do more on this and it would be great if you could discuss it with your child. For example, all children have the right to be treated fairly. Each person has a responsibility to treat others fairly. We have a right to be safe from hurt, and we are responsible for making sure we don’t hurt others.

In Geography we have been looking at places in our local community. The students received different pictures of places in the City of Stirling (e.g., parks, nature areas, community buildings such as libraries) and in pairs described the features of their place, including where it is and why it’s there, what it looks like, what activities people can do there and who looks after it. Each student then chose their own place of interest in the community and recorded information about that place. We will put this information online into a Sway to share it online so you can read about some of the places the students consider special in our community.
Maths this week has been an in-depth investigation of patterns. The students have continued and created various patterns. First we found patterns in wrapping paper and fabric. Then we created patterns using a variety of items from the classroom. They did this so well that we then had a go at identifying the rules we see in patterns. This included shape, colour and number patterns. We tried both continuing and repeating patterns. We also went around the school and were surprised to find patterns everywhere! There were patterns in brick, buildings, drains, benches and even plants. Oliver (below) is modelling how we recorded our observations outside.
In art we looked at patterns on Easter egg wrapping paper. The students put their pattern knowledge to use and designed a pattern for an Easter egg. We then coloured a piece of card with wax crayon and painted it with thick paint. The next step would be to scratch out their pattern when the paint was dry.

With Rice day on Friday we didn’t do any cooking, but still had some fun. The students enjoyed creating with boxes and working together to build a big train track. We also did the last stage of our Easter egg etching, copying their designs onto the card. They look great!

The students loved the rice and thank-you to everyone for helping to raise funds for our worthy cause.

Enjoy your weekend!