Week 8

This week has been a busy one with Nativity rehearsals, a class mass and work to finish off before the end of the year - which is nearly here!

The students are very excited about tonight’s Christmas concert. They have been singing beautifully during rehearsals in the hall.

This week we read the Gingerbread Man during shared reading. One of the rotations was a ‘tic-tac’toe’ game, where students had to write a word than rhymed with ‘man’ in a grid alternating with a partner, and try to get three in a row. They also did activities with contractions and suffixes. Another game was making new words by taking letters out of words, such as take the 's' off stop to make top, or the 'n' off snake to make sake. Phoneme substitution games like these are important in the students’ reading development.
The students have been learning the u-e and o-e sounds this week, as well as playing games to help them remember the set of sounds taught this year.
The students also made their own gingerbread men! They created a character from these gingerbread men, writing about their name, description and personality in a ‘wanted’ poster. These were very creative! They also wrote the steps to make the gingerbread men on an incomplete recipe.

I hope they had as much fun eating them as they did cooking and decorating them!

On Wednesday afternoons we like to try to spend some time in the nature playground. This gives the girls an opportunity to play with the pre-primary girls, and all the students a chance to use this wonderful facility.

On Thursday in art the students started planning their own Christmas card design. First, they looked at Christmas cards and discussed what kinds of colours and images were on them. Then they sketched their idea for a picture on the front of a card. The next step was to etch that design onto a piece of foam tray using a pencil. Next week, the students will use this tray to make a print for a Christmas card.
In Maths the students have been doing a bit more graphing and some area activities. In religion, they have been retelling the story of Jesus’ birth through writing and role play. At the class mass on Friday morning, one of the parishioners commented on how well the students had joined in the prayers. I was very proud!
I will see you tonight at the Nativity Concert!