Week 9

We had a perfect start to the week - well, everyone looked perfect anyway for school photos! And we finished it off well by celebrating a lovely mass with the parish on Friday morning. In between we had lots of learning and some fun, too.

We had a special visitor on Tuesday afternoon. Lauren came to help us learn a bit about gardening, plants and bees. Lauren works at Bunnings and very kindly brought along some pots, potting mix and flowers for us to use. The students each potted and planted a Marigold plant to take home and put into their gardens. This tied in with our Geography studies of places and also seasons.

In Maths the students have been practising counting backwards by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. They have also continued to learn addition strategies such as doubles plus one and ‘2 away’. This is where we have two numbers to add that have a difference of two (e.g. 7 and 9). We can move one from the larger number across to the smaller number to make a double, making it quicker to solve. They have also continued learning to measure in different ways, looking into capacity and also volume. Volume is the amount of space an object takes up. They created block shapes and counted the number of blocks to work out each shape’s volume in one activity.

Our sound of the week was ‘ea’ as in pea. The students enjoyed the fine weather while doing one activity outside, painting ‘ea’ words with water, then painting a picture of that word. In another activity they went through magazines, scanning for the target sound and cutting out the word that they found it in. This is a great way to help the learn to chunk letters together when reading.

In Religion the students learned that just like them, Jesus had an imagination. He used it to tell stories to help people learn and understand. The students used their imaginations to draw a picture of how they thought Jesus looked. They also wrote a letter to God to say thank you for the amazing gift of imagination.

In Geography the students got into groups, each choosing a different season to research. Using QR codes I had prepared they went to websites, and also looked at information books. These were ways they had identified were good ways to find out information at the start of the unit. They then started to record some of the information they had discovered under different headings. Next week, they will decide how they want to share their knowledge with the rest of the class to help them learn about that season. These types of activities involve all students in the creation and sharing of knowledge independent of the teacher (although of course I provide support and make sure all students are on task - but the responsibility for both teaching and learning belongs to the students).

Our art lesson this week was connected to our studies of the seasons and introduced the concept of perspective. We looked at some pictures and discussed how the things that are closer to the viewer’s eye look bigger, even though they might not actually be.
They then created a winter’s day wax resist picture. They drew raindrops and puddles in white crayon, larger ones in the foreground and smaller ones further back. They drew a small rainbow in the background, then ‘washed’ the picture with different wintery colours; turquoise, blue and black. The finishing touch was a patty-pan umbrella. They also did a Ken Done inspired beach scene. First drawing things people do at the beach on sandpaper with oil pastels, then painting stripes of blue, green and white to represent the ocean on blue paper.

Let’s hope the rainy weather stays away this weekend!
Michelle 🙂