Week Eight

This week in Year One the students have started to write their narratives. The starting point for writing is called 'pre-writing', where ideas are collected and organised. To get inspiration, the students went for a walk around the school grounds, stopping to think about some of the different kinds of settings, smells and sights that could be part of their narrative.

Back in the classroom they created their main character and following that started to plan the main events in their narrative. Over the next week, they will start to write and edit their work in different ways.

The sound of the week was ‘ie’ as in pie. The students enjoyed the different activities, including a favourite, fishing! The students have to read the ‘ie’ word on the fish they catch in order to keep it. They then write that word on a mini-whiteboard and draw a picture of it to show they understand the word.

Our shared text was ‘The little red hen’. Along with a review of this story the students did guided reading, focussing on plurals and using ‘Koala claws’ to help them decode difficult words. In one sequencing activity, the students first sequenced pictures from the story, then chose a favourite scene from the text and created this in a ‘freeze-frame’. The other students had to guess which part of the story it was. They all loved this activity. But not as much as making bread, just like the character in the story! It’s important for the children to be able to connect to the texts they read in different ways. The bread-making also tied in with our maths and was a great opportunity to develop fine-motor strength with the kneading.

In Maths this week the students have been investigating area and capacity. They used blocks to measure the surface or area of different items and pictures. They also did dice games colouring an area and iPad games.

They also continued learning their doubles, and doubles plus or minus one or two, doing different games including a jumping game and a train game.

They investigated capacity by estimating, then measuring, the number of scoops of water it would take to fill different containers. We continued using measurement on Friday, putting their knowledge to a practical use, when we made some bread. I also put out some water and containers for them to be able to ‘play' with the concept of capacity.

Our Art this week tied in with our Geographical studies of the seasons. We discussed how in spring, many plants grow flowers. We looked at some images of acacias or wattles, and part of a plant I brought in, and discussed the features of this native plant. The students then used techniques such as broken lines, strokes from different-sized paintbrushes and scrunching paper to create a wattle artwork.

In Religion we have been learning about our imaginations. We thought of some of the things that we do with our imagination as well as some of the things we can create using our imagination.

In Health this week the students learned about personal space and also what private parts are, labelling body parts using anatomical names. We discussed how it is not ok for them or anyone else to take photos of or play games with their private parts. This is part of the Keeping Children Safe Curriculum. If you have any questions about what we have taught or the curriculum please let me know.

I hope the students enjoyed their early afternoon tea of fresh bread!

Congratulations also to our merit award winners Paul, Elizabeth and Jacob H.

Have a great weekend everyone.