Week Four

This week we have been reading Goldilocks and The Three Bears during shared reading. We have discussed some of the choices Goldilocks made that maybe weren’t the best ones in the story (such as breaking into the bears’ house, eating their food and breaking their furniture!), and also discussed some of the emotions the characters in the story might have felt. We tied this in to our Health, as we move into naming, recognising and dealing with emotions, both those we feel and others might be feeling. We also made some lego print pictures on Friday to practise using the sound in context.

Our sound of the week was a bit of a tricky one. ‘Ure’ is actually many sounds with an Australian accent! The students were engaged in acting out the words in a charades game, jumping and spelling words aloud outside the classroom and physically sorting real words from fake words. Activities that include movement helps to keep their attention and make the content more memorable.

In Maths the students have been learning about mass and the ways we can measure it. They went around the room recording heavy and light objects before ‘hefting’ special bags to feel heavier and lighter. The bags are specifically designed to show the children that size and weight are not always related. As well as using their hands to feel weight, they used scales to determine heavier and lighter, and ordered some objects from the lightest to the heaviest.

In mental maths activities the students have been practising estimation. They are learning that when estimating, they just need to have a good guess; it doesn’t have to be the exact number. They have continued to do practice with doubles during our Maths rotations.

In Art we looked at and discussed an artwork from Spanish artist Joan Miro. In the artwork there were long and wavy or curly lines. Where the lines intersected, new shapes were formed. After discussing these ‘organic’ lines and the shapes they made, the students took a line for a long walk on a page, creating organic shapes which they coloured in. They also painted their portraits of their dads.

In religion we were busy learning our lines and practising for our mass on Wednesday. We have nearly finished learning about choices, thinking about some of the friendship choices we make.
In Geography the students looked at a variety of pictures of different types of natural places, such as alpine, coastal, wetland, forest and bushland, including special places in Western Australia such as the Pinnacles, Karijini and Wave Rock. They suggested some of the changes that could happen to natural places, and what might happen to places if certain events happened, such as drought or strong winds. Leading up to our excursion on Tuesday, we discuss what wetlands are. I’m looking forward to the excursion and crossing my fingers for fine weather!
Congratulations to the students who received a merit certificate today; Daniel, Logan, Freya, Zachary and Noah. Well done for your hard work!
Next week will be busy with an excursion and a sports carnival, so have a relaxing weekend!