Week Seven Already?

This week all the students presented their Sways for news. They did extremely well and it was clear they were very proud of the work they had done. Some of them wanted to present it twice! Well done to the students on completing this project. It is clear they have learned a lot in the process.

In literacy we read about a girl called Tory and her horse in ‘My Horse Glory’. This book tied in nicely with our ‘or’ sound focus of the week. Our ‘or’ activities included highlighting ‘or’ sounds found in a newspaper article. The students were told they didn’t have to read the article, but just needed to scan the text, find and highlight the letters o and r together. They did a great job with this, I think we have a few good detectives the class!

Another activity was ‘or’ word and picture dominoes, as well as making words containing the target sound with different beginning and end sounds.

In writing we have had a focus on capital letters - when do we need to use them? The students went around room to find and write as many words as they could that had capitals. We then shared the words we’d found and discussed why these words had capitals. They also did an iPad game putting capitals in the right places and a focus group with me discussing proper nouns.

In Maths we revised what halves and quarters are then began learning about the idea of dividing groups of objects or people into fractional parts. The students explored this concept through different activities, such as making halves or quarters of groups using coins, lego, shells or cubes and telling a fraction story with those items. Another activity asked them to find half or quarter of different numbers, using frogs on lilly pads to solve the problems.

In History, the students listed some of the games their grandparents had played as children. They then scanned some QR codes I had made that took each group to a different webpage showing a video of how to play a game. After watching the game being played, they tried to play it in their groups. Then they had to explain it to the rest of the class and demonstrate how to play the game. They did well learning how to play knuckle bones, marbles, hopscotch and handball.

The bit I loved to see most, however, was the students getting out the marbles from the ‘ olden days’ corner in their free time, and having a go at the marbles game they had learned from their peers earlier that week.

In Health we reviewed different situations that might or not be emergencies and what to do in different emergencies. The students played Emergency Bingo and then sorted some different situations as ‘emergencies’ or ‘not emergencies’.

In Religion, we have started our new ‘We Belong’ unit. We have discussed how we belong to families and other groups. Thanks to the families that joined us at the family supported mass on Saturday. It was lovely to see lots of you there and thanks to the Year Ones for helping to make the wonderful poster about the gospel.

In art, we talked about old photos. The students noticed that many of our Grandparents' photos from the past were black and white or shades of brown. We learned how people did wear colours in the past, but cameras and photographical processes weren’t able to show the colour back then. I showed the student some pictures of toys from the past. We discussed finding shapes such as circles in pictures, and using these shapes to help draw. They then drew some toys from the past and painted them in shades of brown using coffee to look like a photo from the past.

To get ready for our excursion on Monday the students watched a video of Perth in the 1950s. After we discussed some of the things that were the same or different, the students drew and wrote a personal connection to one of the main events in this visual text. Some wrote that they too had fed swans on the Swan River, or visited Kings Park and gone for a walk, or visited the City on a train, just like people did in Perth 60 years - and probably more - ago.

Have a peaceful weekend, and please pray for fine weather on Monday!
Michelle 😉