Week Six

This week we have been reading a wonderful book in shared reading, ‘Wombat Stew’. It ties in nicely with our sound of the week, ‘ew’. The main character is a dingo who has caught a woman and is foiled in his attempt to cook it up in a billy can by some clever bush animals. The students played a ‘go fish’ game with words from the story and some commonly misread words from the ‘first 100’. They also did some activities with rhyme and rhyming and looked at how the author used different (‘vivid’) verbs for the different animals; Emu—waltzing, arched. Platypus—ambling, scooped. Lizard—sliding, snapped. Echidna—popped, bristled. Koala—climbed, shook. Dingo—danced, sang. We also discussed what is real and imagined in the text. For example, dingoes really do eat wombats. But they don’t really sing songs and cook the wombats in a billy can!

In writing the students have really enjoyed taking notes for their information reports. They used books and iPads to find information about their chosen animal, and after learning about note taking, started finding and noting down important and relevant information into a planner under different headings. The next step will be to write these notes as full sentences into the rough copy of the report.

This week in Maths the students have been doing activities in number, movement and position, and graphing. They have been adding ten, doubling then adding ten, moving around 100 charts and ordering numbers, and directing each other towards treasure on treasure maps.

In Art the students looked at some pictures of Impressionist artworks in small groups and discussed what they saw. Most of them noticed that the paintings were made using dots or short brush strokes.
We then looked at Monet’s paintings of his garden in Giverny and discussed what we could see. Following this, the students planned their own impressionist style painting of the garden. They wrote how they would use the paintbrush (or fingers), what colours they will use for the background, and sketched a rough idea for how the artwork will work. The next step is to paint!

In Religion, we have started learning about Christmas. The focus has been thinking about special times and the ways we prepare for them. Some special times included Christmas, birthdays and welcoming a new baby into our family.

In Health the students had the opportunity to find out a bit more about what healthy food is, and why some foods are considered healthy. They watched a video that discussed nutrients and how eating a variety of different foods ensures we get the different nutrients our bodies need. They read how different foods are classified into groups, and that we should try to eat more or less of these food group items (using the healthy food pyramid). They also read
some information cards and learned what different fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meats have in them and how they help us (help us to concentrate, sleep better, go to the toilet easier, help our bones or muscles etc). Next week the students will plan a healthy meal and on Friday they will be making a shared lunch. I will send information home about what they children need to bring in, depending on what it is they decide will be their healthy lunch!

Have a peaceful weekend,