Week Two

Week two has flown by!

We had a special visit this week from Rick the Rock from the West Coast Eagles. Rick had some great messages about looking after our health - both physical and mental.
Rick and his helper discussed how resilience and 'bouncing back’ from problems is an important way to keep ourselves happy and mentally healthy.
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This week in writing we have learned about pronouns. These are words that take the place of nouns. The students played games replacing nouns with pronouns, tried to find as many pronouns in our shared text as they could, and also played a pronoun bingo game. The students have continued to learn about descriptive texts and are working up to writing their own description next week. If you haven’t already, please send a photo of your child’s dad (or other significant male) into class next week as we will be using these to write a description of Dad.

In Maths we have been moving beyond recognising and describing Australian coins and into understanding their value. The students have played lots of games to help realise that size and value are different things! This includes rolling a dice to collect counters and then swapping ten counters for one small star. The ‘winner’ isn’t the person with the most big counters, but the one with the most small stars, as these are worth more.
We have investigated 100 using ten cent coins, partitioning in different ways and played games on the iPads counting by tens with ten cent coins to make amounts. In mental maths we have looked at what happens when we add ten to a number, and have been doing activities to become more fluent with doubles.
In Geography we looked at 'then and now' photos of places around us in Perth, such as Innaloo shopping centre, Hillarys Boat Harbour and Elizabeth Quay. The students shared ideas about what has changed and they noticed things such as
  • the natural features had been cleared
  • old buildings were knocked down
  • new buildings were built
  • new roads were built
  • new technology was put in such as street lights
They then received two pictures of the same place, a few decades apart, to compare, recorded ways the place had changed, and suggested why the place had changed.

In Health the students have learned all about the importance of washing hands, and how to wash their hands properly. The steps we learned are... 1. Wet your hands. 2. Apply soap. 3. Rub your hands together. 4. Rinse your hands. 5. Dry your hands with a paper towel.
We discussed important times to wash their hands so handwashing becomes routine. These include before eating or preparing food, after using the toilet, after playing outside, after blowing your nose, after touching animals or pets and after handling garbage.

In Art the students used adjectives to describe pictures of imagined landscapes. They created a paper collage artwork by tearing different coloured and textured paper (including their paintings from last week) to make the hills, volcanoes and other features. Their planet or place was either a cool or warm place, using different colours that reflected the theme of their place.

There is lots of excitement about the disco tonight. I hope everyone has fun!
Have a great weekend,