Weeks Five and Six

Week Five went by in a blur and I didn’t have time to take any photos to accompany the blog! So I will combine the two weeks in this week’s blog.

During Literacy time in week five we read a story called ‘Noisy Nora’. Nora, the middle child, feels left out and tries to get attention by making loud noises but only gets told off for her efforts. When she eventually declares she’s leaving and hides in a cupboard her family realise she’s missing and try to find her – with a happy conclusion of course! One of our literacy group rotations was a retell with puppets and sound effects. The students enjoyed making a variety of noisy noises to accompany the text.
‘Possum Magic’ by Mem Fox was our text this week. After reading, we followed the story on a large map of Australia, stopping in all the capital cities and talking about the special Australian foods the characters ate in the cities. In Melbourne the students ate a Mintee, just like the characters in the story. Delicious! We also played a game acting out verbs from the story. On Fun Friday we made pumpkin scones (part of the story) and tasted them. They were a big hit!

This story about places in Australia story ties in well with Our Geography studies. Over the past two weeks we have been learning about natural, managed and constructed features of different places. Last week we took a walk to places in the school grounds looking at different features and classifying them as natural, managed or constructed.
We then looked at our suburb on Google maps and discussed the different features we could see. Later, the students used a pictorial map of Innaloo to identify some of the suburb’s different constructed, managed and natural features.
We also talked about surrounding suburbs, and how they are in the City of Stirling. We were very lucky to have some special visitors from the City of Stirling come to our classroom. Sarah and Eva told us about some of the features, places and events that happen in the City of Stirling. They gave out some items for the children to take home. Later we looked at other suburbs, Perth, and cities in the different states of Australia.

Our Workshop is permanently closed and instead we now have a beach in our classroom! We have been investigating some of the natural and constructed features found at a beach.

In Maths we have moved on to location and transformation, looking at positional language. The students used objects to describe in, under, over, on, above, between and next to before showing these concepts with their bodies. Next week will be learning about clockwise and anticlockwise, as well as some mapping skills.

In Religion we have looked at how Jesus grew and changed like we did by reading stories from the bible about Jesus. The students recorded what he was like at the different stages of his life. Next we will be learning about Lent and Easter.

In Art in week 5 we made some visual art pieces that depicted natural features (hills, rivers and lakes, sky, plants) with crayons and tissue paper, and constructed features (roads, buildings) with black card. This week we looked at some geometric artworks by Piet Mondrian. Linking this back to the grid-like patterns we had been looking at on maps, we discussed the artworks and what they reminded us of. The students created unique artworks using this geometric style, with strips of black card and acrylic paints.

We have been learning how to write recounts and I thought the school swimming carnival would be a great experience for the students to write about. They had a great time at the carnival and did lots of different activities - but couldn’t remember on Thursday what they had done on Wednesday! Luckily some photos helped jog their memories and they wrote some interesting recounts. Next week we will write a recount of our excursion to Cottesloe Beach. A full recount has a title, an orientation (when, who, where) a sequence of events (first, then, next, after) and concludes with a personal opinion. If you have time to discuss events such as the excursion or other happenings, using these headings, it can help your child to learn how to recount events succinctly.

The swimming carnival was a success and thanks to the parents who helped out on the day. Thanks also to all the parents - and there were lots! - who offered to help during the excursion next week. Five parents have been asked to join us for this excursion, and each of these parents will take a small group of children around to do a set of activities on the day. I will try to ensure all interested parents have a chance to join us throughout the year.
Have a great weekend 😃 .