Welcome back!

Welcome back everyone to school and a new term!

This term we are going back in time to Perth in the past. We have been reading a Nyoongar Dreamtime, or Dreaming, story in literacy. We read about the Rainbow Serpent, Waugal, and how in Nyoongar belief the Waugal created the kata (hills), beeliar (rivers), pinjar (lakes) and other fresh waterways in Nyoongar boodja (land). We discussed the features of the text that tell us it is a Dreaming story, and sequenced the text using pictures. We also played with a question ball, throwing it to each other and asking questions from the text such as ‘What was your favourite part’ and ‘What happened int he story’.
Our guided reading texts this week were readers theatres. I am hoping to slowly get the students ready for their assembly in week 4 by practising reading a script and speaking with expression. We have also begun investigating words that are nouns.
In writing, we have been investigating procedures. They are really very useful texts! We have read some instructions and recipes. On Friday we used a procedure to make something special for our mums for Mothers Day. But unfortunately I can’t tell you yet what it is!

In History we read a story about an adventure a young Nyoongar boy had in Perth a long time ago, in ‘Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot’ written by a Wadjuk Nyoongar man named Alton Walley. After discussing where and when the story happened, we reflected on ‘the past’ and what this word meant. We then discussed the present and also the future, and, in small groups, the students came up with some other words for the past, present and future:
In small groups the students wrote or scribed what they already knew about the past and what they’d like to find out, as well as some ideas for how to find out (e.g. ask someone, use the Internet, go to a library, look at old photos).

In our classroom I have set up a kaleep (campsite). Play is such an important channel for learning in Year 1 and have really enjoyed watching the children play in the camp, experimenting with language and singing songs around the karla (fire), using the sounds, words and concepts we have been learning in Literacy and also in History.
Our sound of the week, ai, was very engaging with a jumping-to-make-a-word game really helping with retention. We also played some ‘ai’ word-making games on the iPads - this is always a popular activity!
Our Maths studies have focussed on shape this week. As well as naming two-dinensional shapes, we looked at describing these shapes using terms such as horizontal, vertical and parallel. The students drew shapes on each other’s backs, asking the other person to guess which shape they had drawn, incorporating sensory and kinaesthetic elements to the learning. They also created pictures using patterns blocks and described the shapes that had used to make their picture.

Health, we reflected on our previous studies of how we all have a right to feel safe. We read Franklin in the dark and discussed where and when the character, Franklin felt safe and unsafe and the actions that are associated with the feeling of safety.

In Art, we read about an Aboriginal artist and author from Perth named Sally Morgan. We looked at her artwork ‘Aboriginal Land’ then used it as an inspiration to create artworks. The students divided one sheet of paper into four parts and used torn paper to make scenes from the natural landscape connected to the Rainbow Serpent (hills, trees, rivers, lakes, land). They then took a second piece of card and drew a serpent, which they decorated with oil pastels before gluing it to the outside of the other sheet.

In Religion we have been wondering about the beautiful world God has created… Rainbows, clouds, rain, the sky, trees and the sun. We created a ‘We live in a wonderful world’ rainbow collage for display from magazine pictures and shared our experiences in nature, as well as playing ’shadow tag’ to understand more about the sun and shadows.

Thanks so much to the lovely parents who have offered to help with the costumes for our assembly. I will send out an email early next week about what we will need, and try to meet up with anyone keen to assist. Please let me know if you are able to help and I will add you onto the list.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂