Welcome Back!

Hello and welcome back for our last term in Year One!

It has been an interesting week weather wise which has given us a great opportunity to investigate the weather! We went outside with our sense 'switched on' and recorded our observations of the weather;
What does weather...
- look like? Rain clouds and sun, cloudy rain and wind, trees and leaves blowing, bricks, blue, windy, sun, rain clouds, fresh air, grey clouds, foggy, cloudy, white, lightning
- smell like? Water, flowers, the sun, rain, air, like flowers smell, yummy, fresh, sunny, strong, breezy, nothing, tomatoes, beans, vegetables.
- sound like? Rain, windy, thunder, birds, loud and quiet, swoosh, wooshy, windy, strong, woosh, tree blowing, I hear the wind, drops, cold, plip-plop, drips, leaves
feel like? Wet, air, water drops, trees, wet and dry, hot and cool, cold, rain, windy, clouds, rain drops, water, wind, rainy, shivery

We then came up with our own definition of weather:
"Weather is the things that happen outside and in the sky; the sun, the clouds, rain, heat and cold".
For the rest of the week, each day we recorded the forecast and some observations on the weather. Next week we will discuss our findings and draw some conclusions from the data.

In English we wrote an invitation to our families to come to our mass on Friday. We read some different comics in guided reading and learned about onomatopoeia. Squelch, slop, bang!

In art we looked at some images of a number of Impressionist artworks from Monet, Seurat and others in pairs. We shared our observations;
There were lots of different designs
There was a picture that was 300 years old
Heaps of the pictures were made in the 1800s
They had lots of different colours
There were different artists who painted in this style
They painted with Los of dots
They look nice
They looked beautiful

Then after planning our own Impressionist garden like Monet's famous artwork, we started painting. Some students chose to paint with their fingers, others with brushes. With 23 very eager artists and only 3 painting aprons there was inevitably a bit of paint on clothes rather than paper.

Friday morning we had our mass and the Year One readers did an amazing job with their readings. It was a beautiful mass and thanks to the families who came along to join in.

Afterwards it was good to engage in some hands on, play based learning activities, such as the fidget spinner STEM challenges and role play and classification in the beach corner.