Welcome back!

It’s hard to believe there is only one term to go until school has finished for the year! We have a very busy term ahead and lots of exciting things happening. Please let me know if you didn’t receive the Year 1 Term 4 Newsletter email and I will send one home in your child’s homework bag for you.

This week in Geography we started to wonder about weather. What is weather? What does it look, feel, smell and sound like? Why do we have different types of weather in different places?
We went on a walk and recorded some of our observations. Weather…
• sounds like: Lightning, raining, windy, cloudy, thunder, rain, wind, heavy, boom boom, gasp
• looks like: sunny, cloudy, sky, blue, sun, leaves blowing, foggy, windy
• feels like windy, cold, warm, wet, hot, rain, sun
• smells like: flowers, good air, fresh air, smoky.

Together, we wrote a definition: weather is the things that happen outside (in the atmosphere) and in the sky; rain, heat, storms, wind and clouds. For a week they will be recording the weather forecast as well as some observations they notice during the day about the weather.

Our text of the week was a May Gibbs inspired story called ‘Snugglepot and Cuddlepie - Mischievous Mrs Snake’. The story had lots of speech so it was a good opportunity to investigate speech marks in texts, and when to use them in writing.
For one of the activities, the students sequenced pictures from the story then choose one to act out as a freeze frame. They also played bingo with words from the text. They used natural items such as banksia cones, honky nuts, eucalyptus opercula (the caps that come off the flower buds) and other items to create a character of their own, a bit like May Gibbs did. They then had to describe their characters traits, using interesting (sparkle) words.

Our sound of the week was ‘ir’. Our activities included throwing beanbags onto sounds to spell ‘ir’ words, ‘ir’ trash or treasure boom (they chose a word and had to read it aloud, if it was a real word they had to put it into a sentence, and they could then keep it. If it wasn’t a real word, they had to put all their words back!), and an ‘ir’ game on the iPads. It was a lovely surprise to have Mr Bolding spend some time in the classroom on Thursday morning helping with the activities.

In Maths we played a fun game to warm up. The teachers tossed a balloon into the air and called out a maths problem. Each student had to try to solve the problem and catch the balloon before it hit the ground!

The students have investigated 'equal sharing' this week. We did this with lots of hands-on activities before moving onto completing some working out and recording on paper. They also reviewed 2D shapes and played a ‘Kahoot' team quiz online using the iPads which they loved. They started to learn about 3D shapes, which have different features from 2D shapes, such as faces instead of sides, as well as edges.

In Art the students read a book called ‘Mouse Paint’, in which three mice get red, yellow and blue paint on them and mix them to make new colours. The students then had a go at mixing these colours themselves.
They also used shapes to make pictures. They discussed how different shapes were ‘good’ for certain features, such as circles for faces or triangles for ramps. They then told the teachers about their shape pictures, how many of each shape they had used and what for, and we scribed these down for them.
In Religion, the students have begun the new topic of working to show love for ourselves, others and creation. We read a story and shared our ideas about the different kinds of things we can do to work to show love or care. The students worked together to create a poster to show one way they can act to show love.

On Friday morning we had some challenges for our Fun Friday activities. One was to make something starting with ‘b’ with the Lego. Another were some STEM fidget-spinner challenges! They had to stack, balance and spin the spinners in different ways before designing some challenges of their own. We also made some paper birds to tie in with our ‘ir’ sound, and these now look great hanging (flying) in our camping corner!

We had some good news with Nella winning second place in the Royal Show art contest! I popped in to see the art and they all looked fantastic up on the wall. Well done Nella!

Have a great weekend!