Whizzing through Week 4

What a week! We had a couple of exciting events and lots of fun along the way.

On Tuesday we had edu-dance. The students are getting great at moving and grooving!

On Wednesday we had a visit from Leonard Thorn to teach us about how Nyoongars have used science in their daily lives for thousands of years. The students enjoyed the hands-on activities of making string from reeds, trying to start a fire with grass tree flower spikes, and crushing seeds to make flour with stones.

On Thursday we had the first school cross country carnival/fun run. It was quite a distance for those little legs and congratulations to everyone for finishing! Well done to the Year One first place getters, Alyssa and Luke.

On Friday we performed our assembly for the school. The students did very well to remember al their lines. Thanks again for helping the students learn their lines and for helping to make their costumes ready and looking so fantastic! Events like this are a team effort and I am so lucky to have such a great team of parents and carers in Year One.

In between all that, we still did lots of learning to get on with in class!

In History the students got into small groups and used the iPads to capture some QR codes which took them to different websites. These websites were age-appropriate sites about the history of different things; one site for cars, one for fashion, one for toys, one for cameras and one for Australian money. The students in their groups had to find out how that item had changed over time, then present their findings to the rest of the class. They sequenced some pictures and described some of the features that had obviously changed, such as size (for cameras, the size is getting smaller over time) and material (for toys - wood-metal-plastic).

Following this, the students each got an individual sequence of pictures from a different group’s topic and had to put them in order from oldest to newest. They did this very well. They certainly enjoyed learning from each other.

Our sound of the week was ‘oa’ and the students did very well in their spelling tests again. Our story was ‘Who sank the boat?’ by Pamela Allen. On Friday during ‘Fun Friday’, one of our activities was an innovation on this text; the students had to build a Lego boat that could float, then they used dinosaurs to see if they could work out just how the boat sank in the story.
In Maths we have started learning about time and will continue this next week. In Religion we have started our new topic and have been learning about friendships.

Thank you for the lovely gift - a lime tree - it is just perfect and an extremely kind and thoughtful gesture. Once again, I am blessed to have such a supportive, positive and helpful parent group. The kids are also lucky to have such great parents and carers caring for and supporting them in so many ways.

Michelle 🙂