Wonderful week 1

What a week we’ve had! The Year Ones have settled in fantastically and I am very proud of how well they have worked this week.
Although it has been a short week, we have done lots of learning activities.
In reading, we read the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. We discussed how we can all feel a bit wild sometimes, like Max in the story. The children drew a picture of ‘When I feel Wild’ and wrote some ideas of things they can do to when they feel wild to calm down.
One reading activity the children enjoyed this week was cracking open some plastic eggs. Inside were three letters. The students had to try to make a word out of the three letters, write it down, and draw a picture of the word. They did a great job with this activity. They also solved some mysteries using simple reading techniques, and played a card game reading and matching simple words.
In Maths we have been investigating number. We played some games with the 100 chart, played bingo and did some ordering games on the iPads.
On Friday morning after the mass we had our first ‘Fun Friday’. The children were able to finish off some work, paint their own creative ‘Wild Thing’, create and construct with Lego in our Year One Workshop, and, best of all make wibbly wobbly jelly! This ties in with the two letters and sounds we have been learning this week, J and W.

After recess we were able to spend some time in the new nature playground. There was much excitement as they were finally allowed into this amazing play space.

Here is everyone’s favourite thing they did this week…
Oliver – When we did Maths on the ipad
Jaden – going on the iPads
Elizabeth – playing in the new playground
Jake – making jelly
Luke – when we did Maths
Daniel – doing the Wild Things
Zachary – the Maths games on the iPad
Jacob H – when we made the j-j-jelly
Nella – making jelly and playing on the new playground
Logan – eating the jelly
Sam – when I was playing in the new play area
Alyssa – making jelly
Jacob B – putting the flavour into the cups
Jack – jelly and doing Italian
Paul – JELLY!
Namatjira – playing basketball in the classroom
Noah – having the jelly
Next week will be busy with swimming lessons. If you have time in the coming days, please help your child learn how to put on their shoes and socks, and tie their shoelaces.
I hope you are all settling in to the new routine. If you have any queries or items you’d like to discuss please let me know.
Have a great weekend!