Wonderful Week 2

What a week we’ve had! All sorts of weather, lots of learning and to top it all off an exciting Colour Run!
In Religion this week we have been discussing how God gave us the ability to work to care for ourselves, others and creation.
The students came up with some ideas of how we can do this in small groups…
We can care for ourselves by
· Say positive things to yourself
· Taking care not to hurt your body
· Don’t run on the bricks
· Stay away from dangerous objects
· Eat healthy food
· Don’t take lollies from strangers
We can care for others by
· Help them to cut fish
· Help them pick something up if they drop it
· Say nice words to others
· Play nicely
· Be polite
· Share your toys
· Be a good sport
· Help them if they are doing something hard
· Show them the right thing to do if they are doing something wrong
We can care for creation by
· Caring for lizards
· Providing food and habitats for native animals
· Caring for sea animals
· Putting your rubbish in the bin
· Don’t squish slugs
· Save water
· Plant trees
· Use less paper
· Recycle
Later in the week we drew some pictures in pairs to illustrate ways to care for ourselves, others or creation. The pictures are up in the classroom if you’d like to come in and see them next week.
In Geography our studies of weather and seasons are well under way. The students have recorded some things they already know and some things they would like to find out. Here are some of their questions:
Why is summer hot?
Why is winter cold?
Why is autumn half and half?
Why don’t we have snow in Perth?
Why do we have holidays in summer?
Why does the weather change a lot?
How does the weather work?
What will the weather be in the future?
Why do the bees come out in spring?
How slow/fast do the clouds move?
Why do different flowers grow in each season?
Why are there different seasons?
Why are there four seasons?
If you have time, talk to your children about the weather, watch the weather on the news or see if you can find the answers to some of the questions above with your child.
Thursday was an exciting day with our Colour Run. Some photos of the day are below.

The Year Ones thought the event was…
“It was colourful"
“It was funny because we got painted"
“I felt like I was a rainbow"
“I felt so colourful"
“There were fun obstacle courses’
“I felt messy"
“I felt nervous"
“I felt powdery"
“After the run I had a shower under the hose!"
In maths, we have been exploring the connection between addition and subtraction using playing cards, dominoes, dice and natural objects.
For example;
When we know 5 + 6 = 11, then we also know that 6 + 5 = 11.
We then looked at how subtraction is connected; 11 – 6 = 5 and 11 – 5 = 6.
Knowing these fact families is a good strategy for solving number problems.
Friday morning after the Lima prayer assembly we had the Year Fives and Sixes join us to prepare our posters for the family mass tomorrow. In heart-shaped pieces of paper we wrote ways we can do what God asks us to do.

Following this we had our Friday activities. Our STEM challenge today was to make a boat that floats using Lego. There were some very interesting structures built! We also had an opportunity to do some more work on our ‘Monet’s garden’ artworks.

What a busy week!
Could you all remember to bring your library bags on Monday.
We hope all the Year One families have a great weekend!